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Build Your Brand with Instagram

“Should I go with Valencia or XX Pro?” it’s an age-old dilemma Instagram addicts have pondered over whether we like to admit it or not. Behind the filters and selfies,…

Summer Toolkit – Experiential Marketing Edition

  Ah, summer days are coming! For some that means lazy days by the pool, heading to the beach with friends and laying low- for the experiential marketing industry it…

Giving Out High Fives

Some exciting stuff is happening between the walls of The Hype Agency and we wanted to share it! HIGH FIVE GOES TO MAUREEN MOOTREY! Maureen has been with us for…

Client Spotlight: Red Frog Events – The Masterminds Behind the Warrior Dash

It all started with a scavenger hunt in Illinois and a little inspiration from the Amazing Race. Determined to create special events that could be enjoyed by everyone, Red Frog…

ALL HANDS ON DECK! Hype Summer Interns are in the building!

Here at The Hype Agency we run on all cylinders all the time, so you can only image what the office is like during our busiest season of the year-…


We’ve all seen them and many of us have used them, but do we even know what they are?! Let’s start with hashtag basics- a hashtag is an un-spaced phrase…