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Hype’s 17 Years in Business

From the owner’s perspective, Dayna shares 17 valuable lessons and takeaways she has learned over the last 17 years in business.

Spring has Sprung!

The Spring symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. Even though we are now in the 4th month of the year, it’s the first month of our busy season.  After months…

Employee Appreciation Day!

This year, Employee Appreciation Day lands on March 3rd, and though we make a conscious effort at Hype to show our appreciation for each other every day, it’s nice to…

Intern Diaries- Final Entry  

That’s just a snippet of what I’ve learned this summer! I have loved working with such a kickass group of women who get it done! Hype! has offered me an…

Intern Diaries- Weeks 6-8  

Weeks 8 and 9 from the desk of Addie

Intern Diaries- Weeks 8 & 9  

Weeks 8 and 9 from the desk of Addie

Hype’s Sweet 16!

This month HYPE turns 16 years old. I’ve always talked about Hype as my first baby, now that I have two boys of my own it’s easy to make the…

Intern Diaries- Weeks 6 & 7 

Weeks 6 and 7 from the desk of Addie

Program Spotlight: Audible –Pride 365 Live! 

This past June, NYC was buzzing over Pride weekend with vibrant colors, high vibes, and much love!!