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December 13, 2023

Intern Diaries: Kasey’s Reflection on her 2023 Hype Internship

Hello! I’m Kasey, a senior at Endicott College majoring in Communication Marketing and Advertising. I joined the Hype Agency as an intern in May 2023, initially planning to stay for the summer. However, due to the positive experience and successful collaboration, we decided to extend my internship throughout the fall semester. I’m grateful for the opportunities and experiences this internship has brought me, and for the knowledge I have gained along the way.

During my time at Hype, I’ve had the privilege of acquiring a wealth of essential skills and lessons that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors. Among the endless number of lessons, one standout aspect that Hype consistently instills in its employees is a set of core values. These values, which serve as the guiding principles for everyone in the office, include the belief that fun creates loyalty, the importance of respect, accountability, the wisdom to work smarter not harder, and the significance of passion and collaboration. These values are not just words; they are ingrained in the fabric of the workplace culture. Every member of the team embodies and upholds these values, creating an environment where they are not only acknowledged but celebrated. It’s clear that these values are not just a formality but a fundamental part of what makes Hype a unique and thriving workplace.

Over the past 7 months, I’ve had the privilege of learning from every member of the team, from the CEO, Dayna, to the controller, Casey, to the rest of the activation team. The guidance and mentorship provided by Casey have been particularly impactful, as she took me under her wing, offering consistent and meaningful tasks that have significantly contributed to my skill set. Moreover, the activation specialists have been incredibly welcoming, embracing me in their projects. As my understanding and confidence in the material has grown, so too has the level of responsibility entrusted to me. This collaborative and supportive environment has been significant in my professional development, and I am grateful for the enriching experiences and lessons gained from each member of the Hype team.

At Hype, I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in various projects and events over the past few months. Among these experiences, a significant part has been my involvement in the LDA Twisted Tea and Truly College Ambassador Program. This role granted me substantial responsibilities, including regular communication with the Ambassadors on a weekly and daily basis, overseeing event recaps, and crafting creative materials for meetings and emails. Being entrusted with such pivotal tasks in this program has been very beneficial for my professional growth. It has not only deepened my understanding of the industry but has also boosted my confidence in taking on similar projects in the future. Furthermore, I’ve had the privilege of conducting interviews with Brand Ambassadors for numerous events and programs during my time at Hype. Additionally, I’ve taken on the responsibility of creating staff decks that showcase the Brand Ambassadors, highlighting their strengths and relevance to specific activations. This aspect of my role has deepened my understanding of team dynamics and how effective communication plays a pivotal role in successful brand representation.

Undoubtedly, my time at Hype has been transformative, equipping me with a wealth of valuable skills and knowledge that have fueled my growth not only as a student but also as an employee and, most importantly, as an individual. The positive experiences I’ve had here have left a mark, and I only have commendations for both the company and its exceptional employees. As I approach graduation, I carry an abundance of skill sets and opportunities that I have learned during my time at Hype. These experiences will undoubtedly shape my professional identity, influencing how I approach challenges and contribute to any future workplace. I’m truly grateful for this journey at Hype, and I am eager to carry forward the lessons learned into the next chapter of my career and beyond.