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This isn’t the type of job where you sit behind a desk. Instead, you work some of the coolest events in the industry.

Benefits of Working With Hype

The saying “work hard, play hard” is used a lot around here because we truly get to enjoy some of the coolest brands and best events and interact with some of the greatest people.

  • Fast & Accurate Payroll

    As a W-2, temporary, part-time employee, you will be treated as a valued team member. The Hype Agency follows all federal and state labor laws. This ensures you receive overtime pay and meal and rest breaks as required and earned. W-2 employees are paid on a biweekly pay schedule. (That means, unlike a contractor, you don’t need to submit an invoice and wait 30 plus days to receive payment for your work.)

  • Employee Discount Offers

    Through our payroll partner ADP, you will have access to many employee discount offers. Some examples of ADP discounts could be discounts on amusement parks, ski slopes and movie theaters, travel sites, pet needs, etc.

  • Work/Life Balance

    As a part-time variable employee, you can create your own schedule and pick up work as you see fit. We offer events during the week, in the evenings and on the weekends. Once you have a complete profile with us, you will begin receiving job offers in your area and you can choose the ones that best fit your schedule. Through our database, you can pick and choose which programs you choose to apply for. This ensures you can maintain the work-life balance you prefer. Apply for as many, or as few, programs you choose.