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Perfectionists at Work

Since 2006, we’ve been helping global brands plan and staff events that make a positive and lasting impression with their target audience.

Database of talent

What sets us apart is our robust, proprietary database of highly vetted team members. We know who they are and where they shine so when an event comes up, we’re not grasping for warm bodies. We’re making a perfect match with someone we know and trust.

“Love how hands-on Hype is. Managers communicate and respond quickly and for longer activations, booking coordinators will be on-site to support. You’re in good hands when you work with Hype! — anonymous Trusted Herd reviewer

Flawless execution

Clear communication. Talent you can trust. And the right resources. Always. But what sets us apart is our ability to anticipate and plan for … everything. This means that even if it’s raining buckets, our brands are shining bright. (We bring the umbrellas!)


Best in-class service

We are recognized as an industry leader for our unmatched client services and rigorous talent management. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’ve got you.


Smarter reporting

Technology can never replace people, but the right technology in the hands of the right people? That can take your event to a whole new level.

The difference is more than hype

In an industry that is very “plug and play,” our clients are more “here to stay.” In fact, many have been with us from the beginning because, like them, we continue to grow, evolve and improve. And together we’re executing events today that we never dreamed possible way back when. Even through the pandemic we found a way to keep going!

  • Around-the-clock support

    A lot of companies say they deliver 24/7 service. But do they give you their personal mobile number … and then actually pick up the phone when you call no matter what the hour? We do. (We’ll sleep when we’re dead. Or at least wait until your event is over!)

  • High-touch talent management

    Our proprietary Talent Management Platform includes over 20,000 vetted, high-quality team members nationwide. This means we can drill down to find the absolutely right people for each and every event.

  • Smarter reporting

    We use reporting tools to make our clients’ lives easier. Want to conduct a customized training session from your phone? You got it. Want real-time data from the field? Done. Robust reporting tools? Always.

    • Full customizable dashboards and recap forms
    • Capture and geo-track photos using field manager’s mobile devices
    • Real-time updates on events and activities
    • Real-time customer surveys
    • Photos, mapping and data delivered instantly
  • W-2 staffing model

    At Hype we hire our talent as W-2 employees rather than 1099 contractors. This allows us to build trust for our brand and loyalty for our team members. It’s also what gives us the highest retention rate in the industry.

Join forces with Hype!

The Hype! Agency is successful because of the talented people we work with each and every day. From brand ambassadors to models and more, we’re always looking to grow our network of people who lend their personalities, energy and talent to our work.