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What We Do

From sampling events to mobile marketing tours, we help you bring your event to life with our industry leading experiential marketing services. It starts with the right people and we’ll admit it — lots of sleepless nights so our clients can rest easy. “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” … so yeah, we sweat the details. Event promotions are in our DNA!

Your Event Specialists

Our team of “activators” partner with our clients from start to finish. We are passionate about what we do and detail freaks! Temps hitting a record low for a Florida event? Let’s round up some branded beanies for our brand ambassadors. Supposed to rain? We’ve got tents on standby. And COVID-19? We put our heads together (face masks on, of course!) and figured out how to make events work, pandemic or not. We are not a “set it and forget it” agency, we are a partner from start to finish because we know events throw all sorts of twists and turns.

Happy Clients

Thank you to the Hype team for being such great partners to work with. I am grateful for the hard work, constant support and great service the Hype team has provided over this past year.

– Selfi Sulo, Momentum Worldwide