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Our Services

What do we do? Whatever needs to happen to ensure the flawless execution of your event. When you work with us, you’ll never hear, “That could have been planned better.”

Anyone can have a database of names. We have employees we know and trust.

A brand ambassador recently shared with us that she’d given up caffeine. This seems like a small thing. But since she was slated for a project with a major coffee brand, it wasn’t to us. Sure, she could have faked her way through it — all our employees are total pros — but that’s not how we roll. Our mission as an event staffing agency is to find the hands-down right people for every engagement. Because if you want to elevate your brand, it’s not enough to just show up. You need to live it. And that team member? She happily transitioned onto another great program promoting a well-known running shoe.

Marketing Campaigns  

We know how to execute events that support your overarching marketing strategy while giving your audience an unforgettable experience.