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#InternDiaries- Entry 2- Week 8

From the desk of Alex LaPrade- Hype EC Fall Intern: I have now reached the middle of my internship and it really surprises me just how fast time has gone by. My time spent here at Hype has been influential, fast-paced, and exciting. The internship program here is truly unlike any other! The #EatLivelyTour that… More

Filippo Berio_Food Sampling_Brand Ambassadors

Program Spotlight: Following Filippo Tour

This summer, Hype partnered with Legacy Marketing to provide Brand Ambassador staff for the “Following Filippo” tour with Filippo Berio. The Following Filippo Tour commemorated Filippo Berio’s 150th Anniversary by increasing their brand awareness in five markets across the country. From July through August, the tour stopped through Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Nashville, and wrapped… More


#TheInternDiaries – Entry 1- Week 5

From the desk of Alex LaPrade- Hype EC Fall Intern: Hello everyone! My name is Alex LaPrade and I am The Hype! Agency’s newest marketing intern. I can’t believe I’m already in my fifth week here at Hype! Time has been flying by and I have been fortunate enough to learn and experience a lot… More


The Importance of Face to Face Training

  In today’s age, the world we live in relies on technology to survive. We use technology to keep track of schedules, stay in communication, hold training calls, capture data, pay bills, and more. Although it may seem more efficient and easy to schedule a training call or video conference, nothing compares to a face… More


Program Spotlight: Rally HealthFest NYC 2017

  Hype recently partnered with Rally Health, a developer of online and mobile tools that provide people with the resources, information and communities they need to make better decisions about their health, to staff and execute their New York City event with Kevin Hart to encourage people to make health a priority! The goal of the NYC… More


Experiential Events: Creating Connections On-site

While Madonna is off living in a material world, the rest of us are living in a digital one. Here at Hype, we understand that successful event staffing requires more than just a fancy app – it takes human connection. That’s why we take the extra steps to really get to know our staff. Sure,… More

Tech Flat Lay

Road Warrior Tech Must-Haves

When you work in events, chances are you’ll spend some days on the road traveling to cities both new and old. And although you may be away from your desk, your projects and programs don’t take a hiatus while you’re changing flights and booking Ubers.   But working from the road doesn’t have to be… More


Life as a Traveling Producer

From the desk of Laurel Kazanjian, Associate Producer Over the last two years, working at The Hype Agency has brought me from city to city for various events. From San Francisco just a few months into the job, to the Super Bowl in Houston, and most recently to Milwaukee, I have had the chance to… More


Finding the Perfect Fit: Staffing Comic-Con San Diego

When it comes to staffing costume characters for one of the biggest cosplay events of the year, San Diego Comic-Con, “One does not simply provide warm bodies to fill the role!”     The Ask: For this year’s Comic-Con, Hype was tasked with staffing thirteen Medieval Knights to promote the premier of a new network… More


#TheInternDiaries – Week 7 & 8

From the desk of Alyssa   Week 7: This week was a little bit odd having almost a week off again. Fourth of July was this past Tuesday, and on Wednesday we came in having a lot to catch up on! The month of July has a lot going on and I’ve worked many different… More