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Diamond Award winners won the Best of Staffing Award for at least 5 years in a row, consistently earning industry-leading satisfaction scores from their employees and staff.   SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE – FEBRUARY 19, 2018 – The Hype! Agency, a leading experiential marketing and promotional staffing agency is extremely proud to announce that they have… More

Super Bowl 52 – Verizon Staffing Partner Roundup

Our team is finally recovered (and defrosted) from 13 exhausting and exhilarating days in the Bold North. We’re taking a look back at how we staffed the ultimate A-Team for Super Bowl 52.   One thing we all knew going to Minnesota was that it was going to be cold. And cold is putting it… More

3rd Annual #PromoLoveStory – Jae & T

Whether you fell in love with the experiential industry one day while picking up a street team gig, met your best friend working a week long convention or fell in love with your significant other over a food sampling activation- we wanted to hear your Promo Love Story! For the third year in a row, we… More


We are excited to announce Laurel’s new role as Senior Producer! As our resident “in the field” producer, our go-to for all logistics questions, shipping extraordinaire, lover of good food, and everyone’s BFF in the office…Laurel has truly carved her path her at Hype and will continue to soar to great heights.  She has become… More

Talent Tip Tuesday: Traveling for Super Bowl LII

From the desk of Laurel: For anyone who watched this past weekend’s football games, you know we are in for a VERY exciting weekend of conference championship games before Super Bowl LII in a few short weeks. Here at Hype, we are prepping for our 4th Super Bowl trip and we wanted to share a… More

2018 Predictions in Experiential Marketing and Event Staffing

  ‘Tis the season for CEO’s around the world to make their business predictions about the upcoming year. I thought I would reflect on the last year in staffing and give you my thoughts on what I see in my crystal ball for 2018.   To start, in 2018, we’ll see more brands turning to… More

Program Spotlight: Kano Holiday Retail Demonstrations

This holiday season Hype! partnered with Kano to demonstrate what it means to “make and code a computer yourself.” Kano is designed for children ages 6+ but don’t let that number fool you, its fun for those of all ages! Step-by-step challenges, writing code, dragging blocks, unlocking programming powers, and earning medals make it fun… More

#WorkItWednesday – BA Spotlight: Jordan Z.

Although Jordan has only been in the industry for a little over a year, he has quickly moved up the ladder of success! He started out as a Brand Ambassador and has recently been taking on roles as a Team Lead, and with no surprise, has been killing the game with every promo he works!… More

#WorkItWednesday: Creating Experiences for Gen Z & Millennials

A common misconception is that everyone 18-35 is a Millennial. That may have been the case a couple years ago, but as the Millennials are growing up, the Gen Z’ers (AKA Post-Millennials) have been dubbed their own generation based on a few qualities that are worth defining. Generation Z is constructed by those born in… More

Talent Tip Tuesday: EIN vs. W2

Almost all of The Hype! Agency’s Brand Ambassadors are categorized as W2 Temporary, Part-time Employees. This means that our staff are paid for hours worked and have all legally required Federal and State taxes, along with Social Security and Medicare taxes, withheld from their paycheck.  At the end of the year, the W2 Hype! staff receive a… More