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a “smart” tour

This past fall, smartwater launched a west coast tour to introduce their new products under the smartwater pH line – smartwater alkaline and smartwater antioxidant. The West Coast tour launch will be a mobile 26ft airstream that will feature both new products and the occasions in which they best fit into the smartwater consumer’s life.… More

Specialty Staff to Make a Splash

A few weeks back we posted about vitaminwater’s “Brandon’s World” PR Stunt in Boston, so this week we’re sharing another promotional parody that activated in November: Kiwi-Strawberry University. This activation was all about reaching out to “originality seekers” – people who are all about breaking the status quo and exploring things that are “left of… More

Random Acts of Kindness

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13th November. On this day, participants attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness. In honor of World Kindness Day, we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite experiential campaigns that we had the pleasure of… More

A Grand Opening!

Last month, the Green Mountain State got its very first (and smallest I’ve ever been in) Target store! And though it may be a smaller store location, the lead up to the opening and launch day was quite grand!! In partnership with creative, experiential agency- MKG, Hype locked in a local Burlington, Vermont Brand Ambassador Team.… More

A Misfit Affair – citizenM Bowery Hotel Opening

Downtown Manhattan’s newest luxury hotel was launched last month in true NYC style- showcasing their uniqueness, design and comfort through a launch party that evoked a bizarre flair and eclectic style. The citizenM Bowery Hotel hosted a night of glitz and glamour showing off the newest place to stay in the city! In partnership with… More

A PR Stunt with a Twist

Strolling through City Hall Plaza in Boston on Sunday, September 30th you could hear the sounds as the Forbes Under 30 Summit was preparing for its busy week ahead, the mumblings as the tourists headed down the stairs to Faneuil Hall and the buzz of Brandon’s Assistants as they shamelessly promoted his network and entrepreneurial… More

On-Demand Staffing and the Gig Economy

From the desk of Dayna Gilchrist   My inbox lit up this week when Uber recently announced they are testing an on-demand staffing business called Uber Works. According to the Financial Times, the service would make it possible for businesses to hire short-term 1099 workers for things like “events and corporate functions, such as waiters… More

Dickies @ The Great American Beer Festival

The Great American Beer Festival is a three-day annual event hosted by the Brewers Association, held in Denver, Colorado. The GABF brings visitors from around the world to sample thousands of different American craft beers. This year in partnership with Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, Dickies, the classic workwear clothing brand, had a booth with 4… More

Extending the On-site Experience

There is nothing that defines Experiential Marketing more than its name- it is all about the EXPERIENCE. But the experience can be cut short if there isn’t some sort of engagement on-site that helps the experience live on with the consumer beyond the activation.   Here are Hype’s 3 quick tips on creating a lasting… More

The Difference Between AR and VR… and Knowing Which One to Use

Activating an experience with augmented or virtual reality can really draw a crowd when the technology is used correctly.  There are pros and cons to both, but do you know the difference between VR and AR? Augmented reality enhances the current environment with the addition of digital imagery.  Virtual reality though, creates a simulated world,… More