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Life as a Traveling Producer

From the desk of Laurel Kazanjian, Associate Producer Over the last two years, working at The Hype Agency has brought me from city to city for various events. From San Francisco just a few months into the job, to the Super Bowl in Houston, and most recently to Milwaukee, I have had the chance to… More


Finding the Perfect Fit: Staffing Comic-Con San Diego

When it comes to staffing costume characters for one of the biggest cosplay events of the year, San Diego Comic-Con, “One does not simply provide warm bodies to fill the role!”     The Ask: For this year’s Comic-Con, Hype was tasked with staffing thirteen Medieval Knights to promote the premier of a new network… More


#TheInternDiaries – Week 7 & 8

From the desk of Alyssa   Week 7: This week was a little bit odd having almost a week off again. Fourth of July was this past Tuesday, and on Wednesday we came in having a lot to catch up on! The month of July has a lot going on and I’ve worked many different… More


#InternDiaries – Back for Round 2

She’s baaack!!! We are SO excited to have Makayla back at Hype East Coast for a second Summer as our intern! See what she’s been up to over this past year:   From the desk of Makayla- Life since last summer at Hype! has flown by! I had a busy junior year at Roger Williams… More


Program Spotlight: Blue Bunny Ice Cream @ Camp Redbook

4th of July isn’t just a day to BBQ and watch fireworks – it’s a day for FREE ICE CREAM! On July 4th, 2017 Blue Bunny partnered with Camp Redbook at Fair St. Louis to cool off crowds with free samples of their Mini Swirls ice cream. The Camp Redbook tent was positioned near an… More


#TheInternDiaries – Week 5 & 6

From the desk of Alyssa Week 5 I was off in Lake Havasu for a family vacation. I missed being in the office but still loved the free time I had. My week back was a bit slow on events going on but I was still learning so much!! I learned a lot of administrative… More


5 Reasons You’re Getting Booked

What better way to start the day than with a confirmed booking email in your inbox? If you’re consistently getting booked on gigs, chances are it’s not just a coincidence – you’re probably doing something(s) right! The promo industry is competitive and building a strong rapport often makes all the difference.   If you’re wondering… More



Tamara started with us as an Assistant Activation Specialist here at HYPE! and has accomplished so much in a short period. Working with programs, big and small- she has gained the experience she needs to continue to grow here at Hype and further her career with us. She is great at interviews and identifying the… More


#TheInternDiaries – Week 3 & 4

From the desk of Alyssa   Week 3: June 6th-June 7th This week I continued to work on our USGA Open program. I learned a lot in this short week, and did some more training with Ryane, Hype’s Director of Activations. I worked a lot with our internal staffing database and Hype’s online on-boarding system. I have felt… More


All We Do is Win! Championship Promotions & All-Star Brand Ambassadors

With the Pittsburgh Penguins’ recent Stanley Cup Win, Hype took some time to reflect on all the “wins” our brand ambassador teams have been a part of. Which begs to ask the question: Is it a coincidence that our teams just so happen to activate throughout the seasons of championship winners? I think not! Let’s… More