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June 5, 2014



We’ve all seen them and many of us have used them, but do we even know what they are?!

Let’s start with hashtag basics- a hashtag is an un-spaced phrase or word prefixed with the number sign (#). Hashtags allow social media networks such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Instagram to group these phrases or key words and create a “conversation”. That “conversation” that is created connects lines of communication to people that you don’t know or aren’t connected to but are having the same “conversation”.

So, why should we care about hashtags? Hashtags are the new way to communicate on social media sites, discover new things and share your findings and happenings.  This now linked phrase by using the # symbol takes your business and personal activity and turns it into a more efficient metadata tag.

Don’t be fooled though, there is a lot of nonsense with hashtags on social media as well. I’m sure everyone has seen and has been peeved by the occasional hashtag extensive post: #ilovehashtagsandidontcarewhoknowsit. However, when they are used for business they can be quite genius! For example, when using Google+ and hashtagging a keyword, you are able to find items and people related to the keyword you are targeting with your hashtag. You can also see related key words and grow your repertoire of hashtag keywords. Always keep in mind when hashtagging, keep things consistent. Once you have your hashtag keywords, keep using and posting consistently.