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June 17, 2014

Summer Toolkit – Experiential Marketing Edition


Ah, summer days are coming! For some that means lazy days by the pool, heading to the beach with friends and laying low- for the experiential marketing industry it is like retail’s holiday season! It is the best and busiest season of the year for experiential events and it’s the busy season here at The Hype Agency. Mobile tour season kicks off, major events ramp up and whether you’re traveling locally or cross country here are some essentials to keep with you at all times and make this your best summer yet!


Check out Hype Tips & Tricks to fill up your Summer Toolkit:

Get your events in check!

Whether you have personal events or professional events- keep everything on your mobile calendar on your cell phone and set reminders. This way everything is in one place from addresses to contact info- adding in as much information about an event will be very beneficial to staying organized this summer.


Charge it!

Car chargers, wall chargers and power banks- use all three! It may sound a tad excessive but this way you can always be on the go and never worry about your phone dying. I mean they are basically our lifelines!


Sunglasses Case

Yes, you may want one actually for your sunglasses, however sunglass cases make a great wire holder! This makes it easy to keep them from tangling and makes switching bags easier!


Zip-lock bag

No, not a sandwich bag- I’m talking one of those nice gallon size zip-lock bags to keep your phones, wallet, keys (the essentials) clear from sand, water and sea air while you’re talking a breather by the water.



Not only good for old school parking meters- depending on where you are there may be lockers, having quarters handy will provide you a safe place for your belongings.


Travel Size Toiletries

Couch surfing or just have multiple events in one day? It’s always a great idea to carry a travel bag including toiletry necessities to freshen up on the go!


And don’t forget the sunscreen!