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What’s all the Hype about? – NH Brand Project

At the beginning of March, our very own Dayna Gilchrist (co-founder and managing partner of The Hype Agency) was on-air with the New Hampshire Brand Project to share her story and amazing success of Hype!…

Road Warrior – WNTD & Best Practices: Driving Box Trucks

Over the last couple of weeks, Hype’s News & Views have offered tips and tricks for all the Road Warriors and Tour Drivers out there that may be kicking off…

How to Make Pinterest Work for Businesses

Pinterest, it’s not just for your fashionable friend’s shopping addiction, the health crazed nut who is obsessed with recipes with less than 200 calories, the person who has been planning…

Road Warriors: How to Obtain a CDL

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) requires a high level of skills, knowledge and physical ability. Driving a commercial vehicle is a BIG responsibility and that is why applicants must…

Road Warriors: Tips & Tricks

As the warmer months approach and summer tours begin to get staffed and kick off, here are Hype’s rules to make life on the road a little less bumpy! #RoadWarriorsUnite…

Grassroots Marketing and Social Media: A killer pair!

Grassroots Marketing is an effective and low-cost strategy that can be extremely successful when executed correctly. A grassroots campaign literally starts from the “roots” or base level and is focused…

Cheers to 6 Years! High-five Maureen!

Monday, March 2nd marked our very own, Maureen Mootrey’s, 6-year anniversary with The Hype Agency! Maureen is not only our controller, HR director and accounting head- she is our sage…