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March 20, 2015

How to Make Pinterest Work for Businesses

Pinterest, it’s not just for your fashionable friend’s shopping addiction, the health crazed nut who is obsessed with recipes with less than 200 calories, the person who has been planning their dream wedding for the past year (but is still single), or even those of us who have a severe case of wanderlust. In fact, Pinterest can be used to help promote and market your business.


In case you have not heard of this growing social media site, Pinterest is a platform that allows you to post pictures of things that you are interested in. You “pin” the pictures to specific boards that you have created, organizing them by category. Hence the name, Pin- Interest = Pinterest… makes sense.


People can follow your Pinterest account to see what catches your eye, and they can even “repin” your inspiration. Pinterest also is completely free to use. Lastly, and most importantly, it is extremely social! It’s a fun way to connect with friends and share your interests. So then how do we use Pinterest to work for our Business? Here are a few tips!


Make a Pinterest for your business!

Create a business account, not a personal account. The reason to make your Pinterest a business account is because there is an analytics feature. The analytics feature provides useful information and metrics for your account: for example, the number visits and re-pins your site gets, and which posted subjects get the most re-pins.



Don’t let your business Boards make them bored!

When it comes to picking names for your boards obviously make sure that you chose things that represent your business, your brand, what’s important to your company, but have fun while doing it! This is a chance for you to show your followers what your company is all about. If your company believes in eating healthy, have a board for it; uplifting quotes to get you through the week- have a board for it.



Just like your boards, make sure you are pinning your own brand and stories, show what is important to your company as whole, and have fun! Just because it’s your Business Pinterest doesn’t mean you can’t post that great “How to ______ in the Office”, followed by that hilarious cat photo to brighten up everyone’s Monday morning. Most importantly be sure to pin things from your own website; articles, pictures, events! Also don’t forget to give your pin a good description of what is going on or what it means to your company.


It’s not “all about you”

It’s also great to highlight other company’s great work and inspiration! This should we a place for brainstorming new ideas as well so if you see a really cool campaign that another agency did, give them props and put it on there! Great ideas need to be shared!


Add a “Pin It” Button to Your Website

On your company website, has a page completely dedicated to all the wonderful things that are have been going on, whether it be community service reality, changes, or fun events! So why wouldn’t you allow your followers to Pin them and Share them with their followers! The “Pin It” button is extremely easy to do, and will spread the news of all the fantastic things your company has been doing!


Invite Your “Fans” To Follow Your Business on Pinterest

Invite Friends, Family, Co-workers, Clients; anyone who has a connection to your business to follow you. This way they can the pin picture/things they relate to or like from your Pinterest page, they’re friends/followers will see the pin and check out your company. Or your fans can even post a picture of them with your company’s product or at your company event, and tag your company in the pin. Which then their friends/followers will see their pin and check out your company.


Incorporate Everything!

Make sure that you bring together your brand presence across on all of your social media sites! A single social media site can only get you so much traffic and support, but by using them all cohesively it will bring even more traffic to your brand. Simply add the Pinterest log to your homepage, Facebook, Twitter etc.!


Pinterest has the potential to be an excellent marketing and branding tool for your business! With over 70 million users, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this?! Happy pinning!


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