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10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Focus on Driving Trial

Telecommuting, working from home, working remotely- whatever you want to call it, they all basically mean the same thing: working from somewhere other than the office. In a study conducted by FlexJobs, 3.9 million Americans or 2.9% of the total US workforce work from home at least half the time. Dell took notice of this growing trend and… More

Surprising & Delighting Couples with Free Weddings

  In a world of dating apps and online dating, it is becoming more and more apparent that there are no standards when it comes to finding love and tying the knot. And there is no better example of this than Lifetime Network’s Married at First Sight show. The reality series features 6 individuals that… More

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Bring Your Product to Life

ComicCon is known for bringing the latest and greatest comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television shows to life! And last year’s History Channel activation promoting their Knightfall tv show was no exception. In partnership with Civic Entertainment Group, the activation was brought to life by The Hype Agency’s actors and… More

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Create a User Triggered Experience

A user triggered experience is one that the consumers facilitate.  When they are in control, it allows consumers to go through the designated process comfortably and arrive at their conclusion naturally.  It leaves the customers pleasantly surprised, wanting to come back for more. And with pop up shops taking over experiential as one of the… More


We are so excited to announce Seanna’s promotion to Senior Activation Specialist! Seanna joined the Hype family May 2017 and was hired as the West Coast Activation Specialist. Over the last year, she has really taken to her programs and runs them with little to no supervision. She has been instrumental in leading the charge… More

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Pull at the Heart Strings

Back in 2016, Hype partnered with Truth Collective and LensCrafters to help people to look at the world and see something happier.  Their campaign trekked across major cities throughout the country spreading random acts of kindness in the forms of paying for coffees, handing out flowers, and simply giving compliments.  These activations made strangers happy,… More

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Creating Transactional & Personalized Experiences

In 2016, Hype! teamed up with Motive and Pepsi at the MLB All-Star Game for a block party to give consumers a fun and interactive experience.  Brand Ambassadors directed games where consumers could win cool prizes like a custom baseball tee screen-printed with an Emoji sporting their favorite team’s ball cap. After individuals knocked over… More


STEPH L and SARAH HAVE BEEN PROMOTED TO ACTIVATION SPECIALIST!! Both ladies started with us as an Assistant Activation Specialists here at HYPE! in August 2017 and have already accomplished so much in a short period. Working with programs, big and small, they have gained the experience they need to continue to grow here at… More

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Experiences as Content

Twin Cities Orthopedics is one of the country’s largest orthopedic and sports medicine groups in the Twin Cities but was looking to spread local awareness about their great service at sporting events.  At the activations, Brand Ambassadors interacted with fans entering the stadiums, inviting them to write on their white board signs who they were… More

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: #1 Bold, no fear attitude

In 2015, Hype! partnered with FlipTurn and the popular feature film, Hot Tub Time Machine, to build awareness for the upcoming release of the sequel.   Since the movie is raunchy in nature, the event needed to have the same appeal to attract the right crowd.  The Brand Ambassadors wore nude suits in high traffic areas… More