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2017 Trend Alert: Sommeliers are the new black.

A Sommelier by definition is a wine steward- a well trained wine professional who specializes in all aspects of wine service including wine and food pairing. For 2017, we predict the experiential industry is going to redefine the term. We’re seeing more and more brands (non-wine related) looking to hire Sommelier-like brand ambassadors for mobile sampling… More



It’s no secret – millennials seem to live and breathe social media. Every concert attended, meal consumed, workout completed, is documented for the world to see. For millennials, it’s about the experience and sharing that experience with others. That’s why any activation intended to appeal to the millennial demographic needs to be designed as an… More


Talent Tip Tuesday: Travel Tips for Super Bowl 51

Are you Houston bound for Super Bowl 51? Check out some tips our Super Bowl savvy girl, Laurel, put together for this week’s Talent Tip Tuesday!   AIRPORT NAVIGATION: Whether you are arriving at George Bush Airport (IAH) or William P. Hobby (HOU), you shouldn’t have a problem ordering a TAXI or UBER! However, if… More


Communication is Key!

The first telephone call ever was placed on March 10, 1876. Technology has come a long way since then, and we now have greater access to each other than ever before. If you have a question, the world has an answer – and it’s only a quick call, text or email away. Communication is a… More


Tips & Tricks for Tax Time

Another amazing year has come to an end and with the year end comes the inevitable tax return preparation. As a temporary, part-time employee of The Hype Agency you have, or will be receiving a W-2 Form.  This form documents the total pay you received from HYPE during 2016. Also on your W-2 Form you will see… More

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Get Connected: Three Steps to a More Rewarding Activation

We get it – you’re busy. You’re representing a beauty brand at a 3-day event this week then jumping straight into a sampling tour, followed by a tech conference. You have no time to really get to know these brands or feel particularly connected to any one of them. But you’re wearing the uniform and… More


7 Words to Leave Off Your Promo Resume

I recently read Business Insider’s “29 annoying words and phrases on your resume that make hiring managers cringe” and it gave me such a chuckle that I felt compelled to translate it over to advice when writing a promotional resume. There are SO many buzzwords that are not only overused but also misused when reviewing… More


Get Booked and Find the Perfect Match

  In the experiential industry, promotional marketing and staffing agencies come a dime a dozen- but here at Hype, we stand out from the rest. We do not simply fill a warm body or hire a brand ambassador just to fill a roster. We look for staff that are a great fit for representing the… More

WEI article

Women in Events: A Course in Confidence – Part 3

A three-part series cultivating confidence and building careers in the event marketing industry. ·     Part 1: They’ve come a long way, baby—inside the evolution of women in events ·     Part 2: Say it loud and say it proud—10 tips for surviving and thriving in events ·     Part 3: Game changers: they’ve types of event staffers shaking up the… More



Laurel was part of the original new hires brought on to manage our Verizon program on the East Coast and has quickly taken the reigns on that program as well as other projects for Hype. Most recently she was promoted to Senior Activation Specialist and has stepped right in to managing other team members, working… More