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2018 Predictions in Experiential Marketing and Event Staffing

  ‘Tis the season for CEO’s around the world to make their business predictions about the upcoming year. I thought I would reflect on the last year in staffing and give you my thoughts on what I see in my crystal ball for 2018.   To start, in 2018, we’ll see more brands turning to… More

Program Spotlight: Kano Holiday Retail Demonstrations

This holiday season Hype! partnered with Kano to demonstrate what it means to “make and code a computer yourself.” Kano is designed for children ages 6+ but don’t let that number fool you, its fun for those of all ages! Step-by-step challenges, writing code, dragging blocks, unlocking programming powers, and earning medals make it fun… More

#WorkItWednesday – BA Spotlight: Jordan Z.

Although Jordan has only been in the industry for a little over a year, he has quickly moved up the ladder of success! He started out as a Brand Ambassador and has recently been taking on roles as a Team Lead, and with no surprise, has been killing the game with every promo he works!… More

#WorkItWednesday: Creating Experiences for Gen Z & Millennials

A common misconception is that everyone 18-35 is a Millennial. That may have been the case a couple years ago, but as the Millennials are growing up, the Gen Z’ers (AKA Post-Millennials) have been dubbed their own generation based on a few qualities that are worth defining. Generation Z is constructed by those born in… More

Talent Tip Tuesday: EIN vs. W2

Almost all of The Hype! Agency’s Brand Ambassadors are categorized as W2 Temporary, Part-time Employees. This means that our staff are paid for hours worked and have all legally required Federal and State taxes, along with Social Security and Medicare taxes, withheld from their paycheck.  At the end of the year, the W2 Hype! staff receive a… More

Program Spotlight: Summer 2017 Puffins Sampling Tour

This past summer Hype! had partnered with Post Consumer Brands to promote Barbara’s Puffins cereal by offering peanut butter Puffins cereal samples. Barbara’s products are all Non-GMO Project Verified and uses 100% recycled materials and earth-friendly inks in their cereal boxes making it a healthy product that tastes great! The overall goal of this activation… More


WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE…… OUR BELOVED FALL INTERN, ALEX LAPRADE WILL BE STAYING ON WITH US FULL TIME IN 2018!!!  Starting in January 2018, Alex will be returning to Hype as an Assistant Activation Specialist! We are thrilled she is joining the family (officially). Alex started with us in August and jumped right in… More

Program Spotlight: Michael’s Tree Farm

The Hype! Agency just recently partnered with Periscope and Michael’s Craft Store, a retail chain that offers a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies as well as home décor.  This pop-up style activation was located on the sidewalk directly across from the NYC Michaels store at 675 6th Avenue. Hype’s purpose for this program,… More

#TalentTipTuesday – Wrapping Up 2017

Its crazy to think that we would even be mentioning tax time this early, but when you’re in the promo industry now is the best time to get your finances buttoned up before the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season! This week’s #TalentTipTuesday helps you wrap up your year to make tax time… More

Experiential Marketing & the Holiday Season

Each year, it seems like the holiday season hits us full force the second the clock turns midnight on Halloween! (Cue the Christmas music) Instantly we are flooded with holiday toy commercials, jolly radio ads and decked out department stores. And while this is the time for traditional marketing campaigns to take over- it is… More