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The Hype! Agency Named 2019 Best Full-Service Event Staffing Company by US Business News

The United States, 2019 – US Business News announces the winners of the 2019 Business Elite Awards.

The US has been a dominating pace-setter in the modern business world for several decades.  Throughout this time – and for the foreseeable future – businesses across the nation have been innovating and driving best practices in every industry, sector, and field. As a means of celebrating these trend-setters and paragons, US Business News is delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 Business Elite program, which itself is celebrating its second year.

Following the announcement, Jazmin Collins, Awards Coordinator, commented: “The companies featured in this year’s program represent the best of their respective industries. I am honored to be able to showcase their achievements and success to our readers and wish them a fantastic year ahead.”

The Hype! Agency is proud to be named the 2019 Best Full-Service Event Staffing Company.


About The Hype! Agency

The Hype! Agency is a nationwide, full-service event staffing and execution partner. We’ve been paving the way in the event staffing industry since 2006 and we love every minute of it! Our passionate and dedicated teams deliver “big agency results” under boutique agency circumstances. Reputation is everything in this industry and Hype! continues to be recognized as the industry leader. Our proprietary Hype! Talent Management System is booming with over 25,000 brand ambassadors, product specialists, tour managers, and event staff nationwide.


About US Business News Magazine

US Business News is the definitive magazine for CEOs, top tier management and key decision-makers across the nation. Created to inform, entertain, influence, and shape the corporate conversation across the nation through high-quality editorial, in-depth research and an experienced and dedicated network of advisers, US Business News provides our readership with the most authoritative and current analysis of the major changes affecting the corporate landscape, and the latest deals and topical issues dominating the corporate universe.


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