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How it Started vs. How it’s Going

2020 certainly wasn’t the year we thought it would be but, it was the year that we planned for! Well, we didn’t knowingly plan for a global pandemic and the events world to completely shut down but, after 15 years in business and the foundation that Hype! is built on, we were ready for it! While others were pivoting and going virtual, our team was doing what we do best- adapt and execute…IRL.

Activations are smaller and more focused on a targeted community. Staff aren’t giving high fives and stay socially distant from consumers. Brand Ambassadors are masked up but they’re still smiling behind the mask! The way that we activate now from the beginning of the year is definitely different, but one thing still holds true- people are our greatest asset and for brands to continue to make a human connection is more important than ever!

Don’t let the unknown keep you from pitching to your brand clients and planning activations for consumers. We can help you execute and activate safely – all it takes is a quick email to get started!