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Women in Events: A Course in Confidence – Part 3

A three-part series cultivating confidence and building careers in the event marketing industry.

·     Part 1: They’ve come a long way, baby—inside the evolution of women in events

·     Part 2: Say it loud and say it proud—10 tips for surviving and thriving in events

·     Part 3: Game changers: they’ve types of event staffers shaking up the industry


PART 3: More than Just a Pretty Face; Smart, savvy and in-demand—the five types of staffers moving the event industry today.

The evolution of event staffers from “add-ons” to strategic components of a live event has opened doors of opportunity for young women (and, yes, men, too) looking to break into the industry. Staffers have a variety of roles to play in events today, each forming a strategic layer of the overall experience.

“Brands can put all this work into the build and engagements, but the moment a consumer interacts with the brand ambassador, in that moment that’s where the magic happens,” Gilchrist says.


Here, we analyze the five types of staffers you’ll find at events today.


The ambassador’s job is to be outgoing, engaging, have a smile on their face and represent the brand in a polished manner. You’ll likely find them at the entrance to an event footprint, luring attendees in and selling the experience. Bonus: They know how to work a queue line and keep consumers interested and entertained.



They have the ability to transform a first-timer into a believer, whether it be walking a consumer through a virtual reality experience or driving lead gen. In an age where experiences have becoming far more complex and integrated, this staffer is able to communicate tools well, keep lines moving, and ignite the “wow” factor.



There’s no worse scenario than a staffer who can’t answer questions about a brand’s product or services on-site. Enter: the guru—the staffer who is a product specialist that can offer a deep dive into a brand, product or service and, ultimately, convert a sale. Consumers today are researchers, so brands need a staffer who’s an open book.



Having a technical issue? This staffer is a natural problem solver and tinkerer, able to decipher the complicated components of many build- outs today, from the A/V to the wi-fi. Because there’s nothing more disappointing than an outage. Of any kind.



Social media influencers have become the “celebrity” persona among 
brands looking to organically amplify their events across platforms. But
 young millennial-minded staffers often have a heck of a lot of influence in their own rite. The mavens understand the value of shared “moments,” and will help create, capture and hashtag them.