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You Need an Execution Partner and Here’s Why…

Over the years, we’ve seen some agencies step away from using outside vendors In order to tackle the experiential game internally. Unfortunately, many fail. Now, I hate to start off this post with such a negative approach but there are many reasons why this doesn’t work for full-service marketing agencies, some being:


  1. The agency teams cannot dedicate enough time to focus on the client, vendors and promotional staff. Not unless they have a secret cloning device because if so, we want one too.
  2. The agency doesn’t have the outreach to thousands of promotional staff nationwide.
  3. The agency doesn’t have the insurance and general liability coverage that a staffing and execution partner has to cover all the ins and outs of the event.
  4. The agency is not equipped with enough people in-house to oversee all the event elements and cannot react quickly to the “unknown”.


Here at Hype, we are a team of heavy hitters. We’ve been in the trenches working along side our clients and staff to oversee every single detail on an activation. We’ve spent hours on client phone calls to ensure the brand’s vision is being met. We’ve even driven a few promotional vehicles here and there to make sure our programs go off without a hitch! Our managers, producers, directors, and specialists are so incredibly passionate about the realization and success of your program that it only makes sense to dedicate a boutique agency like ours to your experiential campaigns.




So if you’re still asking the question, “Why do I need an execution partner”, here’s why!



Our agency consistently adapts to the changes of the project and remains flexible. Our teams really listen to what you need and we deliver “big agency results” under boutique agency circumstances. Our dedicated account teams offer premium service and 24/7/365 availability.



Our extensive, nationwide talent database, high pay scales and recruiting methods ensures the best possible results for our clients. Our multi-layer staff interviewing and selection process takes event staffing to the next level!



We know that quality and service are number one, we also know the importance of keeping our clients SECURE. All our promotional staff are w2 employees and have all the coverage you need to sleep at night.


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