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Program Highlight: Enhancing Brand Presence at Stagecoach Festival

T-Mobile’s exclusive Club Magenta activation returned to Stagecoach Festival with the theme “With The Band”, transforming the space into a vibrant green room reminiscent of a backstage experience. The goal was to showcase T-Mobile’s exceptional benefits, address consumer pain points, and foster a deeper connection between festival attendees and their favorite music and artists. By providing an elevated experience, T-Mobile aimed to cultivate customer loyalty and generate excitement among non-customers.

The activation space featured various amenities including an elevated viewing deck, comfortable lounges, shading, cooling solutions, live stream monitors, a T-Mobile bar, charging stations, and engaging activities such as photo opportunities and artist appearances. Additionally, customer perks like chainstitch/patch stations, signed guitar/jean jacket giveaways, and lawn chair giveaways added to the allure of the Club Magenta experience.

Staffing Overview:

1 Team Lead
9 Full-day Brand Ambassadors
4 Midday Brand Ambassadors for peak event hours
The majority of the team consisted of returning Brand Ambassadors who had previously worked at T-Mobile’s Stagecoach activation the year prior and had demonstrated exceptional performance. Their responsibilities included managing lines, facilitating photo ops, overseeing giveaways, and adapting to shifting roles throughout the day. Despite logistical challenges out of our control, the team exhibited flexibility and teamwork to ensure the smooth execution of the event.


Total Club Magenta Attendance: 5980
Prizes/Giveaways Distributed: 618
Photo Op Participants: 1,039

Consumer Feedback:
“T-Mobile has the best setup, keeps getting better every year!”
“Thanks for having the best seat in the house”
“I can come to super crowded places like this and know T-Mobile has my back!”

By carefully selecting and training the right promotional staff, T-Mobile successfully brought the Club Magenta activation to life, providing festival attendees with an unforgettable experience and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The positive feedback received reflects the effectiveness of the team’s efforts in delivering a memorable and engaging event.

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