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January 21, 2020

#TalentTipTuesday – Super Bowl LIV Travel Tips

From the desk of Laurel Kazanjian –


As Will Smith once so famously sang, I’m goin’ to Miami…

Rounding out the 100-year anniversary for the NFL, and what better way to celebrate than to recognize its history?!  Miami was the host of the SECOND ever Super Bowl back in 1968 and this year, Miami will set the record of hosting 11 Super Bowls and I’d like to think “The Magic City” knows how to host considering their history!!


Miami has so much to offer ranging from the obvious sun and sandy beaches, to the colorful nightlife down to a mix of art + culture.  Most of the action will take place the Friday and Saturday before Super Bowl but the magic is starting with events kicking off THIS WEEKEND!


After four years of traveling out to the Super Bowl I still get asked by family and friends why I’m in town for the big game. To all my dad’s friends and those who are new to the marketing and promotional events industry, Super Bowl isn’t just a one-day ordeal. The Super Bowl is a weeklong sponsorship village where there is an explosion of brands all coming together to intercept consumers for an Experiential Marketing extravaganza. As a partner to Momentum Worldwide, Hype! is returning for the 5th year to staff Super Bowl LIVE’s presenting sponsor, Verizon.


As Hype!, the NFL and hundreds of thousands of fans prepare for Super Bowl LIV in Miami, here are a few things to keep in mind before hitting the road…



The last few years, our team has been tested by the weather and I am happy to finally be saying BREAK OUT THOSE SHORTS AND SANDALS!  With highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s, don’t forget a sweater for those cool Florida mornings and nights. And we are asking our staff to bring reusable water bottles to support the Host Committee’s Ocean to Everglades Initiative. 



We know all the action is in Miami, however, there are several airports in the surrounding area that may have been more budget-friendly when booking. Most of you have already booked your flights but if you haven’t, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach are two other airports you may want to consider.  Fortunately, both Lyft and Uber are available at all airports- be sure to compare them for the best price!



The Magic City is immersing fans in their culture and diversity through their programming. This year’s focus isn’t just on musical acts but instead, Super Bowl LIVE will have a beautiful mix of music, food, and visual art performances.  With its key location of Bayfront Park, fans will have prime real estate being waterfront- don’t miss the water stunts involving jet skis and jet packs! When the sun goes down, not only will there be fireworks but there will be parades spicing things up and engaging fans into the Latin and Cuban cultures!


Personally, as the in-house foodie here at Hype!, I’m most excited about the authentic tailgate experience where celebrity chefs will be bringing their ‘touchdown-dance worthy’ dishes.  Who isn’t looking for a new recipe to add to their tailgate menu?


Besides Super Bowl LIVE, Super Bowl Experience will be back in action as years past at the convention center BUT there is also Super Fan Fest which sounds like an open-air, smaller version of SB Experience. Similar to SB Experience, attendees will have the chance to kick a field goal, play pick up football and enjoy some tailgate munchies at their beer garden!  Where you ask? Wynwood is the neighborhood you want to visit! Besides Fan Fest, you’ll find a variety of craft breweries, street art and some of the trendiest spots for Miami’s nightlife.


Check out more recommendations HERE in the Host Committee’s Official Guide to Super Bowl LIV!



Now that we have had a brief overview of everything that happens before the big game, let’s talk about game day.  A common misconception is that Super Bowl LIVE is where the game is and this year it is no different. With Super Bowl LIV taking place at Hard Rock Stadium, it is about 40 minutes from the action of Super Bowl LIVE.


Festivities begin at 2 pm and unfortunately unless you’re a Super Bowl ticket holder, you won’t be able to join Mr. 305 himself during his game-day performance at Hard Rock’s Tailgate Tropicale along with all the other pregame performances.


Let’s wrap this thing up!


Although our New England Patriots aren’t in the mix this year, I’m just happy to be able to put my toes in the sand!   Whether you are coming from Kansas City or San Francisco, enjoy your break from the colder temps and soak up the Miami sun!


Still not sure what the Super Bowl HYPE is all about? Follow us. I’ll be posting behind the scenes on Hype’s Instagram and taking you LIVE through it all 🙂