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December 29, 2015

5 Things to Leave Behind in 2015!

With only 3 more days left in the year, today’s #TalentTipTuesday is Hype’s 5 Things to Leave Behind in 2015!

1. Leave behind doubt! Your biggest supporter in your life should be yourself! Yes, having the support of friends, family, co-workers, etc. is extremely valuable and important, but at the end of the day you should firmly believe in yourself and what you’re capable of accomplishing!


2. Leave behind unsatisfactory activations! If you’ve been a brand ambassador for a while, by now you have come to learn what types of activations you like and dislike. Ex. If you don’t like working street teams or solo gigs, don’t book yourself for them! The great thing about this industry is that you can pick and choose what you apply to. Don’t apply to a gig that you don’t see yourself enjoying!


3. Leave behind regret! Have a moment that you’re not so proud of from 2015? Say goodbye to that time, learn from it and move forward!


4. Leave behind tardiness! We get it, you’re busy, we’re busy, everyone is busy, but stay ahead of the game! Learning to manage your time will keep you on track so you’re not rushing around/running late and will make your activities much more enjoyable when you’re not rushing because you’re running behind.


5. Leave behind the notion that the next New Year will be the same as the previous year! Set new goals for yourself, go on exciting new adventures and use your industry as a door to wonderful opportunities!  Maybe book yourself a traveling gig to see new places, meet new brand ambassador friends and create positive relationships with your agencies!