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December 21, 2016

Get Connected: Three Steps to a More Rewarding Activation

We get it – you’re busy. You’re representing a beauty brand at a 3-day event this week then jumping straight into a sampling tour, followed by a tech conference. You have no time to really get to know these brands or feel particularly connected to any one of them. But you’re wearing the uniform and you show up on time each day with a smile on your face. That’s enough, right? Wrong.

Consumers see you as the face of the brand you’re representing, and small changes can make a big impact. Read our tips below to find out how to get connected and be more than just another body in a branded t-shirt.

Step 1: Do Your Homework

Is there a training call scheduled for your program? If so, be sure to read over your training manual prior to attending the call. Highlight anything you may not understand or would like further explanation on, and raise these points during the call. Whether it’s a single person or group setting, the pre-event training call is a great forum for discussion.

But don’t stop there. In most cases, the brand you’re representing has a website – check it out! Not only is this an easy way to access additional brand/product info, but a company’s website is also an excellent resource to help you answer consumer questions.

While you’re navigating around that website, open up another tab on your browser and research some competitors. Are other brands offering similar products – if so, how does the price compare? What sets this brand apart from the rest? Jot down some notes and keywords to add to your list of talking points!


Step 2: Think Like the Consumer

Pretend you’re attending the event. A bubbly and smiling brand ambassador approaches you to offer you a sample or to show off an awesome new product. What questions do you have? If it’s a food sample – are you concerned about any allergens? If it’s a new tech tool – what makes it better and faster than what you’re already using?

Once your questions are answered, it’s time to assess your needs. After speaking to that super awesome brand ambassador, you’ve decided you want this product. But do you need it?

Think of some things the brand ambassador could say to convince you of the value of the brand/product and the benefits it presents. Does this product make your life easier? Is it convenient? Will it help you score a hot date or get a large pizza delivered to your door after a breakup? Putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes can help you build an even stronger brand connection!


Step 3: Be the Client

Stepping into the client role is another surefire way to buy into a brand message. You’ll think both about what kind of impression you want to make on the consumer as well as what kind of person you want representing your brand.

Consumer interactions are the top priority of any activation. As the client, you most likely have a target demographic in mind. What is the best approach to reach these people? Do you want your brand ambassadors to stick to a strict script or create an organic interaction with each person they talk to? Are you looking for a team with boundless energy, or one that is more focused on creating a personalized experience – or maybe a bit of both?

Once the event has come and gone, it’s time to wrap things up. Brand ambassador feedback is extremely useful in gaining another perspective on the activation and to generate ideas that can make the next event even more successful!


Ready to feel more connected? These steps are simple exercises you can run through while you’re getting ready in the morning, driving to your next event, or lying in bed thinking about what you should have said when that consumer asked you if that cookie sample was sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and politically correct.

Now get out there and own it!