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December 16, 2019

2019 Experiential Trends

Looking back at 2019, Hype! and Hype!’s Brand Ambassadors were apart of some of the most memorable and successful experiential marketing campaigns around the US! Memorable experiences bring people and brands together in authentic ways. In today’s world, that means face-to-face engagements that truly move audiences to react, remember and respond in real-time. The wild world of events is abundant with creative spaces and ideas, and today we’re taking a look at the trends that made 2019 THE YEAR of Experiential Marketing!


Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality 

Although VR & AR are not new trends, it is a trend that is becoming more popular with brands and it is here to stay. VR & AR are playgrounds for consumers to step outside of their reality for an immersive and engaging experience. If done right, a brand can create an unforgettable experience leaving a lasting impressing on the consumer.

Immersive Environments

Again, this trend is not new- but evolving. Immersive spaces are meant to create a scene and impression for all consumers to be in the same simulation.  Brands are understanding that the more fun, innovative and creative they are the more likely their space will be experienced, talked about and shared.

Instagrammable Spaces 

Offering unique, visually appealing spaces make way for sharable content. Designing appealing photo opportunities encourages attendees to post-producing a sense of FOMO to their followers. It’s important that the environment is cohesive, reminding the consumer of the brand throughout the whole space.

Ticketed Events

Although a majority of experiential campaigns are free, we have seen a rise in consumers paying a fee to enter spaces. Putting a fee on an event gives more opportunity to the brand and customers by putting additional money into the event to make it more elaborate and consumer friendly.


In a world, where almost anything can be personalized, consumers appreciate when they think the experience is tailored to them. It makes them feel appreciated, and associate with the brand that is activating.


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