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October 25, 2018

A PR Stunt with a Twist

Strolling through City Hall Plaza in Boston on Sunday, September 30th you could hear the sounds as the Forbes Under 30 Summit was preparing for its busy week ahead, the mumblings as the tourists headed down the stairs to Faneuil Hall and the buzz of Brandon’s Assistants as they shamelessly promoted his network and entrepreneurial success! Unfortunately, Brandon wasn’t able to attend the 30 Under 30 Summit BUT he was the proud and only recipient of the Huffington Post’s 31 Under 31 List.

Okay, okay- let’s be real. No one has ever actually met Brandon, and he never answers his phone.

So what’s the deal with Brandon???

Vitaminwater has created a world/personality for their vitaminwater squeezed zero product. That world is called “Brandon”. Brandon is a very busy, shameless self-promoter that wants to network with entrepreneurs like himself. And how did Brandon’s world come to life? In partnership with CSM LeadDog, Hype hired improv brand ambassadors taking on the role of “Brandon’s Network”: answering headsets, replying to emails, and helping the outside world connect with Brandon via phone, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The Brand Ambassador team handed out “Brandon’s business card” otherwise known as a bottle of vitaminwater squeezed zero. The teams also handed  out pens and lemon stress balls because Brandon believes you should always have a pen handy to close a deal, and a stress ball helps with hand strength, and Brandon says the best first impression is a great handshake!

Our 3-day activation included multiple teams that included pre-promotion street teams, improv staff and sign spinners. Even though this event was promoting the Brandon world, it also squeezed in some hidden marketing for Kiwi-Strawberry University (KSU) which is another current marketing campaign for the vitaminwater brand.