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October 2, 2019

Partners and Clients and Vendors, Oh My!

From the desk of Dayna Gilchrist:

As a staffing partner to brands and agencies, we are more than just a vendor, and our customers are more than just clients to us. In the world of experiential marketing, it is fairly common to hear agencies refer to the companies they do work for as their partners.


There is an important difference between being a client and being a partner:

  • A client engages the professional advice or services of another
  • Partners work together to further a business’ mission


Whoever you work with should be looking for partners, not clients. A strong partner will understand your mission and focus on helping you reach your goals!


In our opinion, here’s what makes a strong event staffing partner:

Partners are there for you from the start.

A great partner will set you up for success from the beginning- offering the best staffing solutions and options possible. When trying to evaluate what your staffing needs are for your event, a great staffing partner will work with you through all the possible scenarios and identify any areas for concern.


Partners regularly check-in.

Providing real time updates during the staffing process ensures all parties are up to speed with how everything is going. Regular check-ins are also great for discussing updates, possible challenges and new trends in the staffing world.


Partners think transparency is key.

Transparency is vital to the success of a partnership. The events world can be unpredictable and keeping an open and honest relationship is key to the success of the partnership.


All in all, handing over the reins of event staffing is a serious decision to make. But having the right partner allows you time to focus on the essential parts of the program and leaves the staffing to the experts!