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September 6, 2013

Taking Better Pictures Using a Smartphone Camera

I was talking to a brand ambassador the other day, and he asked me for a few tips on taking better smartphone pictures. This got me thinking; isn’t it great that you can whip out your cell phone, take a picture, and instantly share it by email, social media, or what have you?

Brand ambassadors spend so much time in the field, and many promotions require taking lots of pictures to share on social media, or even to document an event. It’s important to have photos that are clear and professional.


My advice is to take your time, because generally people are in a much different mindset when snapping pictures with a smartphone versus a fancy digital camera. You’re more likely to go for a quick photo, especially when you’re in a time crunch on site at an event. Give some thought to your angle, lighting, and of course, composition. If you have to take a few photos to get it right, it’s worth it to go the extra mile.

Now, if you’d like a bit more professional advice, we’ve also asked our web design partners, 36 Creative, how to take better photos with our smartphones and they answered! They have several suggestions, from manually focusing, to changing the lighting, and even list some cool photo apps to download.

To learn more, check out their blog entry, To learn more, check out their blog entry, “Take Better Photos With Your iPhone”