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August 22, 2017

Experiential Events: Creating Connections On-site

While Madonna is off living in a material world, the rest of us are living in a digital one. Here at Hype, we understand that successful event staffing requires more than just a fancy app – it takes human connection. That’s why we take the extra steps to really get to know our staff. Sure, someone may have an exceptional resume and killer headshots, but it’s hard to tell if someone is the right fit for a program based on just those things alone.


Not only do we screen and interview all of our brand ambassadors, we also head out to meet them face to face any chance we get! We asked some of our Hypettes to chime in on their onsite event experience and what they love most about meeting our staff!

Q: What has been your favorite onsite event experience and why?


Ryane: Really hard to pick just one, but I really enjoyed the Rally Health Southwest Employee events. Our role there was to ensure the Rally Southwest employees had the time of their lives celebrating their company and picking up fun rewards (picture a lot of dancing!). This series of events brought me to a couple of different cities where I got to meet a lot of local BAs and everyone was so nice!


Laurel: Being onsite from training to kick-off with our Verizon team at the Super Bowl. I was onsite for training in Houston for Super Bowl 51, but I personally preferred San Francisco Super Bowl 50! I’m not sure if it was because of the location or because it was my first Super Bowl, but our team, the footprint, and the city were all amazing!


Tamara: I would have to say my most recent trip to Milwaukee. It was great to see an event that we worked so hard on, both logistically and staffing wise, come to life. It was rewarding to see the event go off without a hitch – and the staff had a blast working it!



Q:  What do you find most important or fulfilling about meeting our staff in person?


Ryane: It really puts a face to the name – plus a voice, tone, body language and personality. In this digital age, it is a great reminder that everyone is human and not just a person on emails booking you for jobs, or just another brand ambassador in Times Square.


Laurel: Putting an actual face to the name and emails. Headshots and emails can only go so far. Talking to our staff in person and getting to know them, what they do outside of promotions, how they carry themselves, etc. all add another element to our working relationship.


Tamara: I think the most important thing about meeting our staff is it allows us to create a rapport with them. Having those face to face interactions holds people more accountable to their bookings/commitments. It is one thing to disappoint a person you have never met but completely different when you know exactly who the person behind the phone is.



Q: What is the most common remark you hear from staff after meeting them?


Ryane: It’s so cool to actually meet you because I love Hype! Also, I totally thought you were a guy for a long time.


Laurel: So happy I finally got to meet you!


Tamara: It’s nice to put a face to the name!


If you’re looking for an event staffing and execution partner that adds the human element back into experiential marketing, you’ve come to the right place!