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August 20, 2019

Highlighting Hype’s Core Values: A Fun Day with Portsmouth Team Building

Last Wednesday, the ladies of Hype East Coast headed out of the office to participate in an Amazing Race Style team building activity that took us all over the streets of Portsmouth, NH courtesy of Portsmouth Team Building!

When we first arrived, we were broken up into 3 teams with 4 team members. Each team was outfitted with backpacks and colored bandanas. Similar to when arriving onsite for an activation, we were given a brief training on what exactly we needed to do in order to accomplish the task.  The mission for all teams was to locate specific way points throughout the Portsmouth Downtown area and then to complete a collaborative task learning new things about each other when arriving. The first team to complete all their tasks and return to the start was the winner! The teams were given the opportunity to earn bonus points and unfortunately, encountered detours and roadblocks along the way.

In order to complete all the given tasks, each team was equipped with task instructions, a handheld GPS device to navigate their team to each way point, a digital camera to capture and ensure all tasks were completed, and $40 cash to purchase needed goods along the way! Throughout the scavenger hunt, the teams used their GPS device to navigate them through the streets of Portsmouth, finding waypoints at places such as parks, art galleries and cafes. At each location, the teams were given a collaborative task that needed to be documented with a picture. Some of these tasks included, creating a team name/song/ handshake, taking a wheat grass shot, buying a vanilla ice-cream and treating a dog, and sending a letter to sick children in the hospital.

When all teams arrived back to start, the winning team was determined, a slideshow of pictures from the day was shown and teams presented their very entertaining names, song and handshakes to the other teams!