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August 7, 2018

The Difference Between AR and VR… and Knowing Which One to Use

Activating an experience with augmented or virtual reality can really draw a crowd when the technology is used correctly.  There are pros and cons to both, but do you know the difference between VR and AR? Augmented reality enhances the current environment with the addition of digital imagery.  Virtual reality though, creates a simulated world, often through individual equipment. In this article, we explore the differences in these similar technologies and discuss when they should be used.


Augmented reality enhances an activation and uses technology to add a layer of digital information to intertest consumers in an event or location.  This can take the form of photo filters on phone apps specific to locations, or even a mapping program that allows users to visualize their surroundings like never before.  All types of augmented reality applications can be beneficial to an activation, if appropriate for the event. However, it is limited to enhancing what is currently reality, because it only adds a layer of engagement information.  AR can typically be used to supplement another part of an event. Consumers may not participate in an activation just for a photo filter, but they would enjoy it as an additive feature of the event.


Virtual reality takes consumers out of the present situation and allows them to actively participate in a different situation.  Consumers typically use a headset to fully immerse themselves in a new setting, giving them the ability to explore anywhere the program is designed for.  Virtual reality is not limited to the current physical location because the headset and the technology the consumers are using can take them anywhere. VR is typically an intimate experience for consumers, but they often engage for a lengthy amount of time.  This will create high demand, for a commodity that can have low supply. This would serve as an entertaining station for consumers to participate in, as long as there is healthy line flow, and other equally engaging activities for consumers. Since consumers may want to experience it for a long time, a constructive time limit within the VR program may be helpful to make the entirety of the activation more successful.


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