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August 1, 2018

10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: Focus on Driving Trial

Telecommuting, working from home, working remotely- whatever you want to call it, they all basically mean the same thing: working from somewhere other than the office. In a study conducted by FlexJobs, 3.9 million Americans or 2.9% of the total US workforce work from home at least half the time. Dell took notice of this growing trend and took to their products on the road in the shape of a retrofitted RV that showcased workplace solutions and their newest technology for the telecommuter.


Originally kicked off in 2016 and continued through 2017, the Destination Dell Tour spanned from coast to coast bringing telecommuting vignettes to life and driving trial of Dell’s workplace solutions. A focus on driving trial is all about sampling.  Sampling is huge for industries such as food and beverage, but when it comes to tech, consumers aren’t always able to try out the products before buying.


The Destination Dell tour invited customers to experience the Dell technology in action. Guests of the footprint saw workplace demos, visualized the products through a virtual reality experience, enjoyed free giveaways, and if they were extra lucky, they could even grab a bite from a local food truck.