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July 26, 2022

Intern Diaries- Weeks 8 & 9  

From the desk of Addie:


Another week at Hype in the books! This week was great, I was introduced to a new project, and assigned some new tasks (: In addition to the Lollapalooza program I was introduced to last week- Steph has me working on a training manual for Once Upon a Farm! It’s nice to be involved in different active programs and get a feel for how each of them runs. I’m excited to learn more about the brand, plus Jennifer Garner is a part of the company!

I continued to work on the college sampling program- reaching out to people, creating hype profiles (for those who had not), and adding people to the new confirmed sheet. I feel like I finally understand how a program runs! We are running a second summer retainment program coming up. I’m excited, we saw some engagement with the last one, but hopefully, we can get a few more BA’s involved this time! Looking forward to another amazing week ahead!


It was a great week of crushing my task list! I finished the Once Upon a Farm training manual, using some of Hype’s past manuals as examples. I also finally got to make some interview calls this week- so exciting! For the college sampling program I was able to staff two people that were the perfect fit! I was so nervous to interview them, but once I got on the phone, I realized there was nothing to be nervous about. In celebration of Hype’s! 16th birthday, we had an Athletic Brewing taste test, and enjoyed Pressed for lunch together! It was so fun, Dayna even got us an ice cream truck as a treat- which I totally thought she was joking about! It was such a fun day and an awesome way to celebrate an amazing company.

For this upcoming week, I have a training call for the program at Lollapalooza. I am interested to see what a call is like; I have never been a part of one so it should be a good learning experience! I also need to work on a summer retainment flyer for the college program and continue my interviews- the second contest is coming up soon which should be exciting! Looking forward to another awesome week(: