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June 29, 2017

5 Reasons You’re Getting Booked

What better way to start the day than with a confirmed booking email in your inbox? If you’re consistently getting booked on gigs, chances are it’s not just a coincidence – you’re probably doing something(s) right! The promo industry is competitive and building a strong rapport often makes all the difference.


If you’re wondering what sets you apart from the rest, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five reasons why you’re getting booked:


  1. You Update Your Profile

This isn’t your first rodeo and you make sure to let us know! You’ve not only represented tons of new brands since you first started working with Hype, but you’ve also added them to your resume and uploaded a copy to your dashboard profile! Over the years, you’ve also changed your hair color, started working out, and embraced new trends. You add new photos to your profile from time to time to show clients exactly who will be arriving onsite to promote their brand. Bonus: You include smiling headshots to create a positive first impression!


  1. You Follow Instructions

Your inbox is flooded with job postings from numerous agencies. Some ask you to update your availability on the company’s site, others ask you to apply directly via email. You follow all instructions and when a response is required, you reply with all of the requested information. You always make sure to read all of the details before asking questions, and use appropriate outlets to ask those questions. Bonus: You’ve never hunted down an activation specialist’s mobile number and blown up their phone at 2AM on a Sunday.


  1. You Know How to Sell Yourself

As a brand ambassador, you’re not only representing popular brands – you’re also representing yourself! You understand the importance of wowing agencies during interviews and you do so with enthusiasm! You don’t pretend to have experience you actually don’t, but instead let us know that you’re excited to learn and be a part of something new. Bonus: You describe your strengths with more creative words than “outgoing” and “hardworking.”


  1. You Communicate Well

Received an update about an event? You respond to the e-mail to confirm receipt. Training call? You’re on it. Day of the event? You’ve sent a check-in photo 10 minutes early. Running a couple minutes late? You’ve called the onsite contact and the activation specialist to keep everyone in the loop. You know that over communicating is always better than not communicating enough, and you do it like a pro. Bonus: You don’t answer your phone while you’re at work for an event to interview for another gig.


  1. You Show Up

You’re committed to the jobs you’ve booked and have only called out during actual emergencies. If you realize you’ve made a mistake like double booking yourself for an event, you reach out to other BAs and offer to find a replacement for your shift. You always give yourself extra time for travel/parking, and you rarely arrive late. Bonus: You don’t just show up – you show up prepared!

Show Up-1


You’re a ROCKSTAR BA and we appreciate all that you do!