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Summer is here!

Even though today marks the official first day of Summer, we have been feeling the HEAT for the last few weeks as events have been filling up the calendar.  Our teams have been gearing up for what we expect to be a very busy and memorable summer for the events industry. When you think about it this is our first full Summer “out of the pandemic” and brands are taking full advantage of every opportunity they can to be in front of their target audience. So what does this mean for you? If you are looking for Brand Ambassadors this summer for your promotional event or activation, we have some tips to be sure you are getting the best staff and your activation runs smoothly.

Lead Time Is Crucial

We say it all the time but when it comes to finding great staff for your event, we need to have ample time to recruit, hire, and train them. Brand Ambassadors are a crucial part of each marketing campaign and good Brand Ambassadors get booked up in advance! We cannot pluck them out of a garden or make them in a factory either, so we are limited to the number of Brand Ambassadors in each particular area. The more time we have the BETTER!

Plan for Breaks 

We can work with you to figure out the appropriate number of staff needed to run the event or campaign but always factor in the breaks needed and coverage during those times. Breaks are not only the law but they are also so important when the summer sun is beating down on your activation. Keeping your staff safe is a priority. Our account teams can work with you to create break schedules and suggest the number of floaters that may be needed to cover when staff is on break.

Stay Competitive with Rates

Since the Summer has a number of concentrated events with multiple sponsors, it’s important to remain competitive in current pay rates so you can attract the best staff. Take events like Lollapoolza or Comic-Con; these events will draw in brands from all over to generate buzz and excitement during that short window of time. All those brands will require Brand Ambassadors to run their activations and their campaigns so you need to be have competitive rates and plenty of notice (back to lead times ;)) Hype can work with you during your budget-building phase to come up with the best strategy for your event while still being budget-conscious.

Have the Right Partner

During the summer, you need a staffing and execution partner that knows the ins and outs of planning and executing events in your market. A true “logistics-focused” partner plans ahead, can come up with contingency plans, and provides support to you each step of the way because if there is something we learned in the last 2 years- there is always a curve call or obstacle coming our way! Having the right strategic partner like Hype will put you at ease and provide you with the support you need to have a successful campaign in the HEAT of the Summer!!