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June 17, 2022

Meet Callie – 1 Month @ Hype as a Summer Intern

Meet Callie; Hype’s other Summer Intern.  Callie started with us 4 weeks ago and we have loved watching her grow, take on new responsibilities, and assist in all the amazing sides of HYPE! She is currently a student at the University of New Hampshire obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management & Policy with a Program and Event Management focus. We are excited to have her dive into all the events we have this summer! If we are a brand ambassador, you will definitely get some phone time with Callie this summer.

Callie documented her first month with Hype below-

My second week at The Hype Agency was just as great as my first week, the only difference is that I was trusted to take on more work and learned a lot of new information about what the company does since the first week was mostly dedicated to training. During my second week, I continued to make calls to potential Brand Ambassadors and gained more confidence while doing so. I also learned more about the different events that my coworkers are working on and got to help with some of them! I am excited to see how the first event I have been interviewing people for goes and am excited to learn about all that goes into one of these events including the highs and the lows. I have loved how close I have become with everyone in the office and how inclusive and friendly they have all been with me.

My third week at Hype was a lot busier than my first two weeks. For my third week, I helped with more interviews and called people all over the country for events such as a Wimbledon screening and different bar promotions. It is so fun and interesting learning more about these companies and these events and chatting with individuals who are passionate about them. I have learned very quickly that each city I am calling has unique and diverse people with very different personalities. I enjoy chatting with people who are passionate about their work and are excited to talk with me about the program they have applied for. I am excited to start working with different companies on different events and learning more about what goes into their promotions.

Just rounding out my fourth week at Hype and it is true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! I am now one month into my internship at Hype and am loving every second of it. The jobs I have had in the past made me dread the mornings but working for Hype doesn’t make me feel that way. This week I continued to make calls and started working on a new event. It is a little overwhelming trying to remember the details of all the different events but is also a fun challenge. I enjoy chatting with people all day and appreciate how friendly they all have been. I am excited to continue my time at Hype and learn even more than I already have.