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Hype!’s New Dashboard + The Human Connection

Earlier this year, Hype! revealed its fully redeveloped Talent Management System! After over a year in the making, and 13 years of learnings, the team poured over the research to develop a system that is more user-friendly for talent and unlike anything else in the industry.


As technology continues to evolve, we knew it was important to stay ahead of the curve. We needed to compete with the other “Staffing 2.0’s” of the world while also staying true to Hype!’s mission and dedication to its clients. The new system is faster, more detailed and packed with everything the Hype! Activation team needs to find the ideal brand ambassador staff for our client’s events!


As the new system was being developed, it was important to make the Dashboard user-friendly and more efficient for all parties involved- and at the same time, keeping the “Hype! Personal Touch” in all our staffing. Hype!’s new Dashboard makes viewing, applying and confirming a job quick and simple while keeping the human connection in all that we do! After-all, a system cannot tell us what your favorite ice cream flavor is or what makes you stand out in a crowd! That type of insight only comes from one-on-one conversations that we constantly have with our talent, allowing us to place them on the appropriate program and with the right brand!


So, what makes Hype!’s Dashboard different from the rest?


Our human operators (Activation Specialists in both Hype! offices) create teams and select talent for jobs by offering to a demographic that fits the specific job profile. Let’s say you are a Brand Ambassador living in Boston, MA. When you sign up with us, you will not automatically see all jobs happening in Boston. You will be “offered” jobs that truly fit your preferences and experience. If you don’t like “getting dirty”, we will not offer any Mud Race Events to you and they will not appear on your Dashboard. We want our staff to work events that are the right fit for allowing them to truly shine onsite!  We do not want talent to apply for jobs based solely on the pay rate or location.


With the new Dashboard, our team has a better picture of our talent database and more visibility to the work they do. With rating systems, admin feedback and a detailed history of previous jobs and brands they have worked with, we can quickly identify the best candidates for the job!


With the easy to use mobile-friendly application and profile builder, we have the most up to date staff profiles in the industry with direct access to their social media accounts and event preferences to better match them to our client’s events.


Lastly, with the combination of advanced software development, years of experience fine-tuning what works and an “old school” approach to staffing is exactly what Hype! needed to continue to deliver unmatched service to our clients!