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10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns: #1 Bold, no fear attitude

In 2015, Hype! partnered with FlipTurn and the popular feature film, Hot Tub Time Machine, to build awareness for the upcoming release of the sequel.   Since the movie is raunchy in nature, the event needed to have the same appeal to attract the right crowd.  The Brand Ambassadors wore nude suits in high traffic areas to encourage photo opportunities that gave a sneak peak of the film.  The overall activation was a success since people stopped to take pictures and shared them on social media.


Having a bold, no fear attitude is crucial in any activation.  Events are reliant on Brand Ambassadors being outgoing and engaging with the consumers to encourage them to participate in the activation.  The goal with any event is participation, and that depends on the Brand Ambassadors excitement about the program.


Having a fearless attitude meant a few things for the Hot Tub Time Machine program.  Even though appropriate for the target audience, the whole concept of the activation was a bit racy, which meant the creative team needed that bold, no fear attitude.  Also, Brand Ambassadors needed to approach the consumers confident, excited and all-encompassing of the film.


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