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10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns

The Hype! Agency has partnered with many different brands over the years for activations across the country, and they all share the same focus: the consumer.  Experiential marketing is all about the customer’s experience interacting with Brand Ambassadors and the products they are highlighting.  Although not each activation is the same, they all engage the customer through successful habits.

These 10 habits, listed below, were all highlighted during this year’s

Experiential Marketing Summit in San Francisco:

  1. Bold, no fear attitude
  2. Experiences as content
  3. Transactional & personalized
  4. Pull at their heartstrings
  5. User triggered experience
  6. Bring product to life
  7. Design for the 2nd screen
  8. When something works, don’t do it again
  9. Unforgettable- literally
  10. Focus on driving trial

Our team was so inspired during that session that we have decided that our next weekly series will highlight how Hype has brought these 10 Habits of Successful Experiential Campaigns to life!


Let us know what you think about these successful habits on Hype’s Facebook as you follow along with the blog series.  And if you see something you like give us a call or send us an email to start a conversation about working with Hype on your next event!