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Don’t Underestimate the Value in a T-Shirt

We say it all the time but here at Hype our company culture is extremely important. Our fearless and passionate CEO and founder, Dayna Gilchrist, has worked effortlessly to create a company that is centered on collaboration, fun, accountability, and passion. And one way we further those core values amongst our group is to promote team building and unity with our Hype “uniforms”…



By Dayna Gilchrist


“Do you know how much I love me a good uniform!? Favorite team, favorite brand… favorite office. I will wear them all with PRIDE!”

All of my pre-adult life, I was on a team. Whether it was playing soccer or volleyball growing up- my fondest memories are those times we wore our uniforms on game day at school. We got pumped up together, rode the bus together and shared in a victory- together. What stands out to me during those times were a sense of belonging and pride in our school or team. I knew when I put on that uniform I had 20 people who had my back and we were all on the same team.


Fast forward to today, at Hype our mission is to find the perfect brand ambassadors to represent our client’s brand. We screen, interview and match up our employees with brands nationwide. Aside from their similar personalities, the single thing that really ties them all together is the branded uniform we provide to them. They instantly become a team when they put on their branded t-shirt! They are part of a unified tribe and stand for a larger brand or company.


Beyond our staff in the field, our in-house team also gets branded “uniforms” as well! There are several reasons why corporate clothing can be valuable to culture but creating a sense of belonging is number one. Ask my sons what my favorite color is and without hesitation they will say “orange”… Hype orange that is. I’ve come to identify with our branding because of the ownership, pride and team spirit that it brings. Seeing our internal staff walk through the doors with a Hype logo’d shirt, hat or sweatshirt, you get a real sense of all being in this together! When we wear our Hype gear we’re all on the same team, and we have each other’s backs.

So, I leave you with this- spring for those brightly colored pens, the branded notebooks, logo’d apparel and show your team you are PROUD to wear the uniform!!