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Talent Tip Tuesday: Summer Activation Checklist

As the days begin to heat up, so does the experiential and promotional industry. And here at Hype! that means we’ll be staffing more events than ever! Festival season hits, mobile tours kick off and large-scale outdoor activations take place. The changing season comes longer activation shifts and more time working outside. Here is Hype!’s list of essentials to help you prepare for this summer’s busy activation season!


Travel Size Sunscreen

Working in the sun can be extremely draining even for the most seasoned BAs. Make sure to prepare by lathering on sunscreen before arriving onsite to save time. If preparing for a sunny day, pack a small sunscreen in your personal bag.  Keep in mind that most event back of house spaces are small with not much space to store belongings.


Travel Size Toiletries

Moving from one event to another and have no time to stop at home? It’s always a great idea to pack a small baggie of travel size toiletries for a quick refresh after spending hours in the sun.


Sunglasses & Baseball Hat

Depending on the event, sunglasses and an unbranded baseball hat are completely acceptable accessories. It is important to keep accessories unbranded, neutral and aligned with the uniform.


Tank top

Arriving in a neutral-colored tank top or short sleeve shirt makes changing into your uniform easy and does not create any extra personal items that need to be stored.


Charge, Charge, Charge!

Keeping in mind that most summertime activations are likely to be outside, make sure to give your phone some juice before heading to an activation. If you don’t have one yet- snag a battery bank to charge on the go!


Water Bottle

Come prepared with a water bottle (and/or snacks) to stay hydrated and energized during the hot months!



Be sure to check your Final Details from your Hype! Activation Specialist to see the parking situation. Come prepared with quarters if street parking is the only option. It would be a bummer to drive all the way to an activation with no way to pay for parking!


We are looking forward to working with you on our upcoming summer activations!!