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How to re-enter the event environment when events and businesses reopen…

Written By: Dayna Gilchrist

In preparation for the post-COVID recovery, we are working internally and with our partners to develop safety standards and protocols to ensure consumers and brand ambassadors feel safe returning to events.


Planning Considerations

Continuously monitoring state guidelines and restrictions as we enter into the next phase. States and counties will have different rules regarding gathering and social distancing. In time, the restrictions will loosen allowing for gatherings to increase group size as well as lessen what is needed on site.  Currently, some municipalities, such as Los Angeles and Miami-Dade County, Fl, have ordered all employers to provide employees with, or reimburse workers for, nonmedical-grade face coverings if employees can’t remain a safe distance from each other or the public.  Also, temperature checks will be taken daily and recorded by the appointed safety lead onsite.


Staffing Considerations

Staffing numbers will need to be evaluated to be sure proper social distancing, line management, and safety screening. There are additional screening and interview questions we are requiring before hiring and before reporting to work. Our teams will be confirming with the brand ambassador that there will be a temperature check at the activation, and they should not report to the event if they are not feeling well.  If they come to work and have a temperature over 100.4, they will be sent home. We will confirm any protective gear that will be required onsite and review all local guidelines with them prior to activation.


Day of Activation- Brand Ambassador Check List

The “Day of Checklist” will be updated frequently, but below is an example of an abbreviated Brand Ambassador Check List-

  • Do not go to activation if you are experiencing symptoms of any communicable disease, including COVID-19
  • Contact Hype as soon as you are not feeling well so we may find a replacement for your position
  • At check-in, you will receive a temperature check.
  • Be sure you have all required safety gear and supplies
  • Avoid personal contact with other staff and attendees
  • Wash hands no less than once an hour with warm, soapy water. Sanitize as necessary between washings.
  • Maintain as much social distancing as reasonably allowed.
  • Do not, at any time, put yourself in an unsafe situation.
  • Report any unsafe behavior to your supervisor


Safety Signage Considerations

Displaying vital communication during the events will be crucial to creating safe working environments for the staff and the consumers.

  • Pull Up Banners: cost-effective signage to display messaging at the footprint – i.e. “Please wash your hands” or “Please use hand sanitizer before entering”
  • Protective Screens: clear polyester film can be used on retractable banner stands to provide a quick temporary protection between Brand Ambassador and Consumer
  • Floor Decals: offers permanent or semi-permanent signage on the floor around the footprint for proper social distancing and line management
  • Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stations: for consumers entering the space; branded and displaying messaging for proper hand sanitizing before interacting with the brand ambassador


Staying Safe

The health and safety of our staff and consumers are of the utmost importance to us during this heightened time of awareness regarding COVID-19.  Training and communication will be key as we re-enter into the experiential marketing world. Our training includes outlining strict sanitation procedures that ensure surfaces are regularly cleaned between guests, educating brand ambassadors to safely engage with consumers and maintain distance from each other during shifts, and reporting any issues or concerns onsite to the safety manager.


Together we can safely get back to the world we enjoy and long for. If you need help planning an experiential activation or are just looking for additional information on safely activating with brand ambassadors, contact us online or call Dayna Gilchrist at 603-489-7696.