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Reaffirming the Importance of Human Connection

Written By: Dayna Gilchrist

As we come up to nearly 60 days of stay at home orders, I wanted to reflect on where we are now. Being at home for the last 2 months has given me a lot of time to reflect and prepare for what is to come in the next few months. As a mother to two young boys, my days are split between “home” schooling and running a business remotely so most days are difficult yet extremely rewarding. Seeing the resilience in my team and my children is something I am extremely grateful for. While playing these dual roles at home, I observed something very universal – something that cannot be exclusive to a certain age, race, or industry- human connection is essential and we will never take it for granted again.


There is no doubt in my mind (now more than ever) that we will all be craving face to face human connections again. It didn’t take long after events and gatherings were canceled for individuals to think outside the box so they could still celebrate together- birthday parades, Zoom Happy Hours, TikTok dances, and House Party game nights. As a business owner that relies on face to face marketing and live engagement, it is something I have always been passionate about and found value in but its importance has been reaffirmed during this time of isolation both personally and professionally.


Technology has provided a bridge for us during these uncertain times to keep us “connected” but while helpful, living through a screen is not enough. I know I have grown tired of the Zoom calls but that’s all I have at this time. We will go back to work, school will resume in the fall, we will once again be able to safely socialize with our friends and families and the masks will come down to see the smile of the person you are talking to. We are not out of the woods yet, but when it is safe to return we will appreciate the moments and enjoy the human connection that live events provide to us.


We will be back stronger than ever and we are taking this time to prepare for the re-entry into the new normal post-COVID-19. Looking to connect in the meantime? Feel free to reach out to me at