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Mobile Sampling Tour Spotlight: Lenny & Larry’s

Hype! has partnered with Lenny & Larry’s for the 2nd year in a row for their 3-city, 20-week sampling tour in New York City, Chicago and Denver! The tour is designed to generate buzz and awareness about Lenny & Larry’s protein-packed products including The Complete Cookie and The Complete Crunch Cookies, while also identifying key community influencers in the market to join #TeamLL. The team’s sampling tactic is to sample the protein cookies in key areas around their cities at a mix of community events, guerrilla sampling and seeding at a variety of accounts to create and maintain relationships. The second go around with Lenny & Larry’s brought the added Denver market and the incorporation of branded tour vehicles.

When it comes to mobile sampling tours, often it is associated with mass-sampling efforts. What makes the Lenny & Larry’s mobile tour different is that our field teams are focusing on hitting target demographics and building lasting relationships within their community. Hype’s field teams are sampling at community-focused and smaller events that help build lasting and authentic relationships. It’s important for the field teams to identify community influencers that align with the healthy lifestyle Lenny & Larry’s is all about, while also having a strong social presence!

A major factor to the success of this mobile sampling tour is identifying the right staff, something Hype! knows a little about… wink, wink! Because this program is heavily focused on the community, it is important that Hype’s Field Market Managers are able to identify events on a grassroots level that align with the overall program goal, have an understanding of social media and potential influencers in their community, and are extremely organized! And in addition to the managers, the Brand Ambassadors are equally as important as they are essentially the face of the brand in the field, delivering key messaging and spreading the L&L love! Outside of identifying and managing the right staff, Hype! has partnered with Turtle Transit to elevate the program with the addition of the “cookie cars”.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks as Hype! continues to share on Instagram what the teams are doing in the field!