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The Evolution of Brand Ambassador Uniforms

When it comes to building out an experiential event there is an endless amount of detail that goes into the creative ideation and planning out the execution. And we all know a key component to making these incredible activations come to life is the Brand Ambassadors. The Brand Ambassadors play such a huge role as they are not only delivering key messaging to consumers, but they are also part of the visual experience as they embody the brand. Which brings us to today’s topic of UNIFORMS!


Branding, style and consistency play a big role when determining a Brand Ambassador’s uniform.  In today’s age, we’re seeing brands spending a lot more time creating style guides and mood boards to truly let their messaging shine through from the BA to consumer whether that’s with a branded graphic tee or a specific shoe. More and more we are seeing uniforms that are not only on trend but focus on a theme, color palette and are sure to grab the attention of the consumer!


Over the years we have seen a shift from the standard Brand Ambassador uniform (you know- khakis, a branded polo and a neutral colored sneaker) and the evolution has brought us an array of options dependent on the trend and vibe of the activation! 5 years ago, you could almost guarantee that any Brand Ambassador in the field owned the stock Brand Ambassador uniform (noted above). These days brands are allowing staff to make their uniform their own by equipping them with unique branded gear and a style guide, allowing the BA to modify and customize based on the activation.

Recent fitness and health related activations that Hype’s Brand Ambassadors have been a part of have incorporated joggers, leggings and on-trend athletic wear, attracting consumers who are aligned with their brand’s lifestyle and messaging. Hype’s Product Specialists representing Verizon Wireless at NFL stadiums go for a simpler and cleaner look with dark denim jeans, black Converse sneakers and a branded Verizon crewneck sweatshirt. For more high-profile events our Brand Ambassadors are usually asked to arrive in either a sleek dress and heels or a well-tailored suit and polished shoes. This helps them blend with the event and its attendees, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere! No matter the experience, gearing up Brand Ambassadors with the right uniform helps to make the activation look and feel more authentic while continuing to drive brand messaging.