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April 1, 2016

Now Launching – Hyper Potties

Here at Hype, we strive to always be changing and advancing the staffing game. We were brainstorming recently on how to create a bigger impact in the industry and from there, we knew we wanted to do something that would both impact and improve our staffer’s lives and client’s programs.


So we are pleased to announce that The Hype Agency is branching out and under our umbrella, we are also launching HYPER POTTIES.


HYPER POTTIES is Hype’s own line of mobile latrine units. We have worked with environmentally friendly fabricators to create a sustainable product and utilizing state of the art cleaning agents to ensure a top notch experience every time. And of course, they are unmistakably ORANGE.


The whole purpose of HYPER POTTIES is that we will be having at least one HYPER POTTY onsite at each event we staff moving forward.

We’ve fielded numerous questions, requests and complaints about the restroom situation while working events – from people out in Times Square, at Coachella or the corner 7-11. We’ve come up with a complex shipping strategy to ensure a HYPER POTTY is shipped to every event site – and also a permitting process to get placement within a quarter mile of every footprint. For the first time ever, using a bathroom while working will be a quick and easy break.


This advancement will also benefit clients and agencies in eliminating “lost or wondering BA” syndrome. We look forward to keeping restroom breaks…productive.


Keep an eye out for a HYPER POTTY at your next event!

We’ll be launching in Foolsland, CA on April 31st.