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March 31, 2017

What’s Your Backup Plan? The Importance of Contingency Planning

Just like it is important to backup your files, photos, emails, etc., it is SO important to have a backup plan for your events. In honor of World Backup Day, Hype is here to share the importance of contingency planning and the steps our team takes to ensure we always have a backup plan in place for your event.


Often times, we are asked the same questions from clients:

  • What happens when a brand ambassador calls out sick the morning of the event?
  • What happens if a storm hits the day of the festival?
  • What happens if the reefer truck breaks down after picking up product?


And the list goes on. To the Hype team, the answer is simple- we have a backup plan.

We all know in this wild world of experiential that sh*t happens, and you can’t always avoid a road bump but having contingency plans in place can lessen the blow. From monitoring traffic and weather conditions to securing on-site and on-call backup staff, our Activation Team works around the clock when an event is activating to ensure we stay ahead of any issues.

So… what’s your backup plan?