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Mapping Out the Road to Mobile Tours

The idea is set- your client wants to launch a mobile tour this summer, great! Mobile tours are a fantastic way to not only increase brand awareness but to hit your target demographics head on. Before hitting the road, it is absolutely crucial to map out your tour for a successful outcome. When you’re working with the right partner, mobile tours can be very plug and play and much less daunting.


Read Hype’s Road Map below to get you on the right path to a successful mobile tour!


  • Brand Goals:  Whatever space your brand and/or product is in, there needs to be a clearly defined strategy to your Mobile Tour. Why hand out a plain slice of cheese, when you could craft a deliciously melted grilled cheese sandwich, leaving a lasting impression and the consumer utterly satisfied?


  • Target Demographic:  Mobile Tours allow brands to hit a bull’s-eye on their target market. Determining who you’re reaching goes hand and hand with where the tour is going to stop.


  • Locations & Timing:  Whether you’re hitting commuters at their go-to morning coffee shop or families at a local park on the weekends, once your target demo is determined you’re able to capture your audience’s attention right in their community.


  • Tour Elements & Premiums:  Premiums and giveaways are a dime-a-dozen. Add elements to your tour that create a lasting impression and keep the experience going beyond the event itself.


  • Staff:  Hype’s nationwide staffing database gives you the confidence that no matter where your tour stops, the quality of the staff sharing your brand’s message will remain top-notch!


  • Daily Schedule/Recaps:  When managing the day-to-day schedule, a big part is to ensure the team onsite is not only activating their events but also tracking and reporting on the data captured for each day and/or location.


  • Contingency Planning:  What happens when a truck can’t take a New York highway because the bridge clearance is to low? What about when there is a hurricane during a major event weekend? Hype monitors local traffic and weather to come up with contingency plans when there are bumps in the road!


  • Activations:  There’s a moment when a brand ambassador and consumer meet. It’s a critical moment—one that we take a lot of time to consider and analyze. We know that having just the right person, the right message, and the right experience can make that moment perfect, lasting long after the initial engagement. We call that The HYPE Effect!