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February 25, 2016

See What the HYPE Was All About at SB50’s Super Bowl City

Not too long ago we had a few of our very own Hypettes and Hypesters on-site at Super Bowl City in San Francisco working with a few different promotional teams. One of our larger teams of brand ambassadors was made up of seasoned veterans who worked with Verizon over the past 6 months during the regular NFL season games at football stadiums nationwide.  We had 24 lucky and hardworking staff fly out to the wonderful city of San Francisco from every corner of the country.  With the addition of our locals who represented Verizon at the 49ers games and some other Cali-based folks, our team of 30+ was complete and ready for action! Well, not quite yet–our team had two action-and-knowledge-packed days of training to get them ready for one and a half weeks of promo heaven!  Between team bonding and training materials, our team was ready to kick off Super Bowl City.


Here is a small glimpse into the exciting world of SB50’s Super Bowl City….


As is typical for staff who are working outside their event footprints helping to greet guests – one becomes an ambassador for the overall event as well! But this was no problem, as our crew was fully immersed in the world of Super Bowl City, and their enthusiasm for it helped keep the crowd pumped as they hopped from exhibit to exhibit!

Guests of our brand faced some long wait times in order to participate in the super fun and rich experience we were promoting. Have no fear, Hype staff kept the crowd engaged and enthralled for HOURS! Not only was the staff engaging and great at keeping attention, they were also chock-full of knowledge! The consumers had a great time at our various exhibits and left having all their questions answered too, plus a few new tidbits in their pockets.