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W2 Safety + Security: The Importance of Job Descriptions

As a W2 Staffing Agency, safety and security are at the forefront when it comes to sending our staff to work. It is essential to have a full understanding of the scope of work and job description prior to hiring Brand Ambassador staff. This helps ensure that the individual is qualified to fulfill the requirements of the job, that they are a good fit for the team, and that they understand the expectations of the position.

Having a thorough understanding of the job description and scope of work also helps to ensure that all parties involved are clear on the job duties and have realistic expectations. All brand ambassadors hired by Hype are asked to alert their Producers or Activation Specialist if they are asked to do something outside of what they are hired for as a safety precaution for our staff, our agency, our agency partners, and the brands we work with.

If a brand ambassador is hired with a specific job description and gets injured while doing something on-site that is not part of their job, it can put the staffing agency, experiential agency, and brand at risk in a few different ways. First, if the worker’s injury results in medical bills, the staffing agency may be liable for those costs.  Additionally, any negative publicity resulting from the incident can affect the staffing agency, the experiential agency, and the brand’s reputation. Therefore, solidifying the importance of setting clear roles prior to arriving on-site, providing adequate training, and following protocols onsite to avoid any such incidents.

As a staffing partner, the safety and security of our talent and our clients are our number one priority.