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February 21, 2017

The Art of Interviewing: 5 Tips to a Successful Interview

First impressions are everything, especially in promotional events. Yes, it’s important to be self-aware when both client facing and consumer facing, but in order to even get that far it’s important to be self-aware during your interviews.


Ready to make a better first impression?

Read our tips below for 5 steps to a more successful interview!


STEP 1: Lose the ‘tude (or just get a better one)

One area where many people fall short during the interviewing process is in their tone and attitude. If you are asked to describe yourself in a few words and one of the words you use is “outgoing” or “enthusiastic,” but you’ve answered all of the questions in a monotone, chances are your interviewer is neither going to believe you nor book you. During interviews, it’s crucial to be alert, attentive and to respond with genuine interest in the position and event.


STEP 2: Be specific

“What are some events you’ve recently worked and brands you’ve represented?” You can count on this question to come up during any promo interview. You should NOT respond with, “I’ve done a lot of conventions, expos, street teams, guerilla, and sampling,” or “I’ve represented pretty much every brand you can think of.” Be specific. Give your interviewer some examples – the more relevant to the brand or position you’re interviewing for, the better!


STEP 3: Ask questions

Think of a time you had a conversation with someone. Did only one person ask questions or was there some reciprocity? We’re going to guess the latter. Asking questions at the end of an interview does two things: it shows the interviewer that you are detail oriented and invested in the job, and it also clears up anything that may have seemed vague or wasn’t discussed. So the next time you’re asked if you have any questions, say yes!


STEP 4: Follow up

Remember that lesson we learned in early childhood about saying please and thank you? It still applies! Time is a valuable resource in today’s society, and thanking someone for theirs goes a long way. All it takes is a quick “thank you” at the end of a call or a short and sweet email. A benefit of the email approach is that it gives you another opportunity to ask questions or provide additional information you may not have thought of during the interview.


STEP 5: Be Yourself

It’s not hard to tell when someone is pretending to be something they’re not. Even if you don’t have as much experience for the position as other candidates, a great personality and a desire to learn and grow can be just as beneficial. We can teach you about a brand or position requirements, but we can’t teach you how to have a personality – so be yourself!


If you’re already following these steps, great! If not, try putting them to use during your next interview and see what happens! We think you’ll be pleased with the result.