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February 20, 2020

Staffing Roundup: 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago

NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago not only brought out sports enthusiasts but also fashion moguls whose own personal style are brought together by apparel brands and sports alike! Although the All-Star Game is the main attraction of the weekend, brands came out kicking with experiential spaces to celebrate the big game! These interactive and intimate experiences would not be possible without the hiring of Brand Ambassadors and event staff to make these fabulous events and activations come to life! That’s where The Hype! Agency comes in! This year in partnership with Momentum Worldwide and On Board Experiential (OBE), we had the pleasure of staffing Brand Ambassadors for Nike and Converse!


Nike KIDS: This kid’s tailored event gave children the opportunity to shoot some hoops and play games while wearing the newest Nike sneakers and an All-Star Game themed basketball jersey. As kid’s entered the space they were greeted by a Hype! Brand Ambassador who gathered their sizes and helped them get suited up to participate in the variety of featured activities! Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were onsite to run the different kid’s activities as well as keep attitudes positive and the energy high!

Nike Seeding Suite: During this invite-only experience- Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were onsite to give high profile guests a personal and intimate shopping experience from a Nike line only released to a select few. Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were there to help support the Nike reps onsite as well as cater to the needs of the client by showcasing and providing needed apparel and sizes for the client. When their try-on session wrapped, they were able to take home their exclusive Nike pieces to rock in the streets!

Converse: Converse’s space was the first stop on their ongoing series of creativity meant to inspire and empower local communities through key moments. The space included a physical platform as well as a creative platform. The physical platform featured a basketball court where live games were being played in addition to being surrounded by art installations featuring Converse’s Star Chevron and of course, shoes. The creative & product experience platform was where attendees were able to shop for their favorite Converse styles and then bring them to the customization station and put their own flair by adding chains, leather, and logos to their sneakers. Hype’s Brand Ambassadors were the first point of contact for attendees as they entered the space, assisted with the flow of inventory and essentially kept the HYPE going throughout the weekend.