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February 14, 2019

4th Annual #PromoLoveStory – Jamie & Her Love for Promos

Hype’s 4th Annual #PromoLoveStory is back!

Did you fall in love with the experiential industry one day when you picked up a street team gig? Meet your best friend working a week long convention? Fall in love with your significant other over a food sampling activation? Continue reading below to learn about this year’s winner:

I used to think “love” was just a term used for couples and families to express their feelings. I never thought it would be a word used to describe a job. When I was little, seeing my father come home from work, upset and aggravated, I didn’t look forward to joining the work force. This is why I knew I needed to choose my career wisely. I started doing events and promotional work 9 years ago. I’ve been through so many accounts and have met so many people in the industry. I’ve built a family based on the work I have experienced. Meeting so many people and keeping in contact with them has made me realize that I truly love what I do. In a world where people need to work to live, I live to work! Every day is a different experience and I love showing my personality and expertise in my various range of knowledge that I’ve gained from working in this industry. Even though I’ve met my current boyfriend doing an event, and we are happily in love, I think what love means to me is how happy and proud I am of my career so far, and if you can’t love your job, you’re doing something wrong.

– Jamie